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let me know your opinion, and don't worry about my feelings, im a big girl ill be ok =] hahaha

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011




Lonely i have waited.

Sat and thought and meditated.

Drowned in lies regurgitated,

from the mouth of a blinded puppet,

'prophet' tho like Moses he couldn't see the burning truth.


Rise and fall and weep and bawl.

When your thirst is quenched yet hunger calls.

Found the problems they can't seem to solve,

but you've been starved of all that will set you free.


The 'prophet's' world came tumbling, crumbling,

as he stumbled down,

to the bar on the sorrowed end of town,

they don't bottle answers, to A.D. proof your pain.

Somehow he found his way towards I,

with a sunken heart and a faded sigh,

asking if "it all made sense to me,"


"The sun is 'God' in center stage,

existing in our mindless months and distant days,"

Reject me ONCE, now AND then,but when this paper kisses pen,

i'll sell you something you can't get appraised.

"The sun is 'God' yet 'God' is myth,

created from our fear of death,

long before you or i, even had the option to oppose.


'If they say its so it must be true,'

so much time wasted with this attitude,

an obscure notion, you CAN'T question faith.

The answers won't be clear to see,

until our minds expand so thoughts can breathe,

poke and prod and find deceit, BE who the fuck you WANT to be!


If there were a Lord up above,

who's fair and just and full of love,

perhaps...there are some things he'd like to change?


YOU are 'God' as am I,

at the moment life is passing by,

and idle hands bring 'devils' into play.

Every person you haven't the time to help,

cause' 'it sucks to be them', when really they're yourself,

reaching out a hand toward...someone else,

thinking [as im sure you have] that no one feels their pain.


Energy can't be destroyed or made,

What once was here still has stayed,

And a trillion times it has changed it's shape.


2 lonely beings in this universe,

YOU and I, and so we're cursed,

to live the best and the worst,

last one standing to the first,

and whatever should fill the gap between.


Time is spherical inside a shifting 'dome',

expanding as it explores and roams,

where we've created lines the winds of time spiral to tornados and erase,

embrace these options for the truth,

but never stop your search for proof,

i have not a single answer, but contain a billion thoughts on why.


He's like Moses parting 'sea' from 'red',

or rather...a puppeteer instead,

you regurgitate his lies unto all those 'ready' to be fed.

4.6 billion years I've sat and meditated.

Waited solely for this moment.



YOU are 'God' as am I...and sadly ...you've become your own opponent."

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