The beautiful Wild Rose (Dreamer1031's music challenge)

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This was for Dreamer1031s music challenge. This was based on the music video "Where the Wild Roses grow" by Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave. I tried to make this sound like the song so I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: January 08, 2010

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Submitted: January 08, 2010



The beautiful Wild Rose

When I see beauty,

I think of a Wild Rose

The rarer it is, the more beautiful it becomes

I met that rose.

It's beauty was one-of-a-kind

The glossy red lips that it contained

and its pale white skin that tingles you

warms your heart

It was so beautiful

that I didn't want its beauty

to disappear.

The next day, I brought

the beautiful Wild Rose home.

I planted her soul in me

And her beauty began to grow.

The beautiful Wild Rose

told me to take her home

where the other Wild Roses grew.

The last dayI met her again,

sitting by the lake

her hair was shining brightly

I gave her a farewell

kiss, which was magical

and my world became crazy.

Its beauty was too much

And I began to worry.

My soul was in pain

and I grabbed a stone

that would take her

life away.

It was too much

and I needed to be set free

I threw the stone and

she was dead.

My mind went crazy

as the beautiful Wild Rose

withers away into the lake

I placed a Wild Rose on her mouth

to remember her by as Elisa Day

The beautiful Wild Rose

So what does everyone think? I've never done an entry to a challenge before so it was pretty new to me. I wanted to do a poem for this song since it was easier for me to do so than a novel or a short story.

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