Jacob Black-oneshot #1

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This is a oneshot!

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



Jacob Black (oneshot)

I dedicate this to noone. This is merely a piece of work I wished to try. This is my first time attempting to write a oneshot so your thoughts and ratings will be greatly appreciated.

Jacob sat at the breakfast bar feasting on the spread Serena had laid out before him. Boy can he eat. “I’m sorry Serena are you hungry? I mean there’s plenty to eat.” Jacob offered feigning to cover up his wonder as to why she was staring at him as if he was her breakfast. “Ummmm no thanks I was just trying to make sure you were enjoying my uh cooking. Yeah my cooking.” Serena said hoping her crush would not detect the fallacies in her excuse. “You sure because you don’t seem sure?” Jacob said with three biscuits stuffed into his cheeks. “Yeah I’m sure.” Serena said. Just watching him eat made her jealous. Of course she had her long time hunnie Quil but Jacob had turned out so much better than the others. How in the world does any God figure that that vampire-lover girl Bella deserves him. She thinks she can just come out of the sunny clouds of wherever she came from after not coming to Forks in like forever. And take over my territory? I don’t think so! I know Jakie has feelings for me. He always has. Maybe I shouldn’t have turned him down. Oh well he’ll come to the light soon enough. “Hey baby!” Quil said as he swooped in and picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh hey Quil you liked to scared the life out of me! Want some breakfast?” Serena asked shaking off the drastic thoughts she had been thinking before Quil had walked in. “Nahhh. I think I’m gonna go hit the showers. Then me Jacob, and the rest of the crew are gonna go for a swim. With saying that, Quil went towards the bathroom and began taking his shower. Serena saw this as her chance to make her move. Meanwhile, Jacob was steal stuffing his mouth. So Serena went and sat next to him at the table. “Mind if I take a biscuit?” Serena asked. “Sure like I said before there’s plenty to go around.” Jacob said. Serena scooted the chair she was sitting in closer and closer until she couldn’t get any closer to Jacob. “I know you feel the same way I do.” Serena said. “What do you mean? Serena? How do you feel?” Jacob said apparently oblivious to what Serena meant. “Maybe I can show you better than I can tell you.” Serena said as she began sucking face with Jacob. “Yeah maybe you could go out riding with-----what the hell are you doing?!” Bella said as she was walking in with Quil and saw what was going on. “Serena how could you?” Quil said. “No Quil!!!!!!!” Serena called as Quil walked out.

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