Nightmare on Highway 45

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Ha,death we meet again.. bloody to see you.. in person this time, I see..

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



Death is more than life could ever be the nightmare beings will it ever end!?!

Death, death oh death how you creep up against us.

Just in the smoldering moment of the state of mind.

We burn because of your doings.

Sometimes we thrive for the catastrophic ending of time.

Ugh, it just grinds my gears how at last my time will come swiftly.

Or will it come painfully?

Gosh, how could I have ever been such a fool?

I should have seen the cloud of death forming around us all.

It was just so thick, so sweet or devilishly delicious.

Ha! I could have stopped it, man I did want to stop it!

I just didn’t see the reaper coming up..!

The Nightmare on Highway 45..

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