A Kiryuu short.

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Just a small one-shot of the young Kiryuu twins from Vampire Knight.

I don't own them (or Vampire Knight);
I was only borrowing them when writing this.

Submitted: October 13, 2013

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Submitted: October 13, 2013



“Nii! Wait for me!”

“Hurry up then, Ichi.”

With my hands shoved deeply into my pockets and my face buried deeply into my neck scarf, I stopped and looked over my shoulder and my twin brother. His face was red from the cold wind and he was visibly shaking, which meant it was time for us to get inside someplace warm. I would’ve taken him inside of a few of the café’s we had passed, but mother and father had always said it was dangerous to take pit stops; they always said that you never knew who was doing what and where, so don’t stop unless it was completely necessary.

I couldn’t decide if getting my brother in some heat right now was an emergency enough for them.

“Ichi,” I turned to face him completely, holding out my gloved hand so he could grab it. “Let’s hurry home before you get sick again, alright?”

He nodded and grabbed my hand. Lifting my face out of my scarf to give him a small smile, I turned back around and pulled him along, walking quickly back home. It took us a little longer to get home since he was already starting to get weak in the knees. He wasn’t really strong, physically or mentally, so we had to stop for short periods of time; especially when he started coughing.

By the time I had pulled him in the house, he was on his knees with his jacket half off, basically coughing up a lung. I flinched and helped him up, moving him to the couch and laying him on his side before running upstairs to get my mother.

“Mom! Mother!”

Panting, I yanked open her door and ran inside, my jacket sloppily in my arms.

“What’s the matter, Zeroin?” she asked sleepily, rubbing her silver eyes.

“I-Its…Ichiru….he can’t….he’s sick…!” he managed to get out. I was talking so fast I barely knew what to say. My heart was beating too loud, so I couldn’t hear if he was still coughing or not and I was too afraid and worried to bother waiting. Seeing the shock on my mother’s face was enough to tell me that she registered what I had said, even in her sleepy state. So without a second thought I turned on my heels and ran back downstairs to my twin, sitting next to him on the couch and holding him tightly.

He was shaking and breathing heavily, but at least he wasn’t coughing.

I started to rub Ichiru’s back, muttering comforting things that I thought would at least cheer him up, and they did. There was a slight thump and my head shot up towards the stairs, worried that my mother had fallen.

It wasn’t that she was old or anything, but she was very much pregnant. Father had said that she was nine months and would be giving birth anytime now. I had told him that I didn’t want to see it, since that would mean seeing another family member in pain.

Wasn’t it bad enough that I had to see my twin; my other half, in pain every day? Why would I want to watch my mother painfully push out some little girl that I didn’t even ask for? It was times like these where I hated my little sister that was growing in my mother. I felt like I hated her because she was making it difficult for mother to make sure Ichiru had his medicine. I was only seven, so there was no way I could remember to give him his medicine all the time.

Seven year olds shouldn’t have to deal with this.

When my mother finally wobbled her way over to my panting brother, she raised her hand to his face and gently pushed a small, white pill into his mouth. I watched as Ichiru reluctantly put the pill into his mouth and quickly drunk the bottled water that she had put in his hands.

“How do you feel now?” she asked him, sounding as tired as she looked.

“B-better…” he mumbled. He put down the cup and buried his face into my neck wrapping his arms around my shoulders. “Nii…lets go to bed now…”

I looked up at my mother, at her tired face, and then turned to Ichiru. I slid off the couch and held his hand tightly, pulling him with me towards the steps. “Sure. But you have to shower first.” I said as we moved up the stairs. “There’s no point in trying to get better if you sleep cold, okay?”

I didn’t look back at him, so I didn’t know if he nodded or not.

I just pulled him into the bathroom, sat him on the toilet seat. “Strip and I’ll run the water.” I watched him nod that time before I turned around. I leaned over and slipped the stopper into the tub, pulling out the handle so that the water flew out. Carefully, I slipped my hand under the faucet, twisted the knob above it until the water was moderately hot – not too warm and not too cold. Once I was satisfied with the water, I turned away from the tub and let the water run.

I felt a tug on my shirt and looked over at Ichiru. “What’s the matter Ichi? Do you feel alright?”

His face was red and considering what we just went through a few minutes ago, I was getting worried again. “Should I go get mother?”

He shook his head.

“Then what?”

He looked away from me and I felt myself start to get annoyed; it bothered me when he did that – bringing up something and then refusing to tell me.

“Ichiru…if you don’t tell me, I’ll leave you in here by yourself.”

He opened his mouth just then and turned to look at me, his finger slightly in his mouth. Was he shaking? What the hell was his problem?

“Ichiru…what’s your problem?”

He paused, and then dropped his hands to his sides, looking serious.

“I want nii to take a bath with me…please?”

I blinked, just staring. I didn’t know what to say to that, to be honest. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to bathe with him, we had the same things. But for some reason, the way he had asked almost seemed…way too submissive.

It creeped me out a little.

Needless to say, I did end up taking a bath with him. The bath was long and relaxing, and I got to watch Ichiru act younger than he really was while he played with his rubber elephant and squirted water at the white tile walls. He had even squirted some at me and himself before he ended up coughing and tiring himself out.

He sat in front of me then, and I washed his back softly. Afterwards, he washed mine and then we got out, dried off, and went to our separate rooms.

Quickly drying off, I changed into my mint green pajamas, ruffling my semi-dry hair before grabbing my towel again. I knew Ichiru would come back to my room – he did it every night. So without wasting time, I quickly rubbed the towel against my head, trying my best to get all the water out my silver locks. There was a small knock and I tossed my towel on my bed before turning and looking at my twin in the doorway.

“Come on, Ichi.” I said, climbing onto my bed and sliding under the covers. I flipped part of the covers back and patted the space next to me. “Lay here with me.”

I watched him as he walked across my room with that bright smile of his; I watched as he happily climbed under my covers and clung to me almost immediately; and I stared as he buried his face in my neck and closed his eyes, probably already asleep. I rolled my eyes and rubbed Ichiru’s head, kissed his forehead and closed my own eyes.

“G’night, Ichi.”

And in a matter of minutes, I was out like a light.

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