Random Chatroom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
ok this is me and my sister's random chat ya we coppied it from a chat we had a while back ....her account is NinjaPirate so ya we might do stuff on hers too so hope ya like. Im the one with the pink phone and my sister( NinjaPirate) has the blue one!

Submitted: December 28, 2009

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Submitted: December 28, 2009



Ninja_Assasin logged on

NinjaPirate logged on

Ninja_Assasin: It's Me Sabrina

NinjaPirate: Do you like tacos?

Ninja_Assasin: How did you know? STALKER!!!

NinjaPirate: I'm your sister besides it's on this one emo song I figured you have something in common

Ninja_Assasin: Oh phew I don't need a stalker....hey i'm not emo! Does it look like I cut myself

NinjaPirate: Well....The cat doesn't make all the scratches

Ninja_Assasin: ....We don't have a cat dumbass! and I have no Scratches

NinjaPirate: We used too

Ninja_Assasin: Oh ya Nara miss her....probaly in hollywood damn old lady probaly stole her!!

NinjaPirate: Ya right she probaly got pregnant....I mean when we last saw her she was in heat

Ninja_Assasin: I had chicken nuggets today!

NinjaPirate: Is this true?

Ninja_Assasin: Yupp at katrinas!

NinjaPirate: I hope you get the swine flu!

Ninja_Assasin: Wow isn't that only with pigs?

NinjaPirate: So... That's what you get for not buying me any they are only 99 cents!

Ninja_Assasin: Omi gosh! mine were in a bag you buy at the store and heat up! you are a genius! ehy pay 2 dollars for lots when you can pay 1 dollar for five!!

NinjaPirate: Well you could have put it in a baggy! I was stuck here with mac n' cheese!

Ninja_Assasin: O.k. I will make sure to smuggle you some whenever I convince mom and dad to let me visit them in vegas

NinjaPirate: They are not ganna let YOU go to vegas brina...They barley trust you to walk to walmart

Ninja_Assasin:......shut up....I can go to the park.....and.....damn

NinjaPirate:  Isn't it sad how grass doesn't grow here?

Ninja_Assasin: Ya.....and the green is ugly stupid desert!!

NinjaPirate: Ugly stupid damn fucking desert!

Ninja_Assasin: Ya...shitholey......oh hey I saw a music video where eminem was dissing whats her name.....marihah carey it's full of awesomeness! you should here it

NinjaPirate: Doesn't she play the piano?

Ninja_Assasin: How the hell should I know?!!

NinjaPirate:After I learn to play the gutair Im going to play piano!

Ninja_Assasin: wow why was I writing white??

NinjaPirate: How the hell should I know

NinjaPirate:Do you know any good anime?

Ninja_Assasin: Ya it's called darker than black a person who said they will teach me japanese online told me about it sounds coolio!

NinjaPirate: Oh ya...

Ninja_Assasin: mwahhahaha it's 12 aclock!! my favorite time !! or is it dundundun

NinjaPirate: It's O'clock dummy!

Ninja_Assasin: O I didn't knOw

NinjaPirate: Darker than black that is so emo Brina!!!

Ninja_Assasin: Great back to that huh well are you calling that dude emo? he sugested it! ( you reatarded dumbass)

NinjaPirate: No i'm calling you emo dumbass! Actually I like emo people they rock

Ninja_Assain: I like this one emo song its funny! Wanna hear it

NinjaPirate: I'm not sure...

Ninja_Assasin: Well i'll say it anyways E is for emotional runins everybodys life M is for Miserable peeople  O is for on the dark side cuz we have some some fresh cookies(cookies!) oh it goes onlong with the spongebob fun song!

NinjaPirate:Wanna go watch the anime?

Ninja_Assasin: yupp logging off lolx

Ninja_Assasin logged off

NinjaPirate: See ya <(^_^)>

NinjaPirate logged off

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