Final Destination 5

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after a group of teens survive a bridge colapse they soon realize they shouldn't have.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



John: -takes deep breath-

everyone gets into a bus,John,peter,olivia,candice and samantha go in a group.

John: "hmm..."

samantha: "What? is something wrong John?"

John: "i dont know,i just feel like something's gonna happen..."

Bus driver: "come on,we dont have all day here!"

they got onto the bus

After about 30 minutes of driving,they past a sign that said "bridge ahead" but,there was a part of the sign that got smuged to make it look like there was a hole in the bridge.

when they got to the bridge it was under construcion.

they slowly moved through traffic.

there was a construction worker drilling a small hole in the bridge,just then a crack went form one side of the bridge to the other,unnoticed.

John: "phew..."

The music "dust in the wind" came on the radio on the bus.

the bus driver turned it off.

the bus came to a halt. John cut his finger on the bus seat.

John: "Ouch!" he sucked his thumb.

peter is on the phone,he goes into the bathroom on the bus.

just then the crack on the bridge hits the wall and then some of the suspenders break off the bridge

the crack gets bigger and small parts of the bridge fall into the water below.

a sailboat passes by the bridge.

as everyone is trying to get off the bus,candicefalls off and lands right onto the sailboat's flag pole and blood gushes all over.

everyone is off the bus,exept peter,he comes out of the bathroom with his phone and hangs up.

he notices the bus falling into the water windshield-first.

he rolls down the seats and lands on the window

peter: "HOLY SHI-" the bus crashed into the water.

 John,Samantha and Olivia are running away from the hole in the bridge

another hole forms infront of them with connectors with a little gap in between are still holding up

John puts samantha on the connector and she attempts to crawl over the hole.she makes it accros.

then John trys to grab Olivia and get her across,when he grabs her,her glasses fall onto the street.

she,blindly trys to get across,but then she falls off into the water.

John and Samantha: "Olivia!!!!!"

then,the bridge starts to give away.

a car falls into the water and falls onto Olivia

Just before the bridge collapses John runs up and jumps to the other connector,he hold on,but then a truck with steel building poles falls off the bridge and the poles go through John and he falls into the water.


I will make a part 2 soon! be sure to comment and go to my profile.

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Final Destination 5

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