My trip to Australia

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Memoirs from my holiday in Australia

TurtleBeach Resort
The year was 2003 and my family had gone to Australia for a holiday.
Turtle Beach resort is located in the Gold Coast of Australia.
My family included my dad Kim, my mum Elizabeth, my sister Niki and me, Tayla Moore. I remember it pretty well. I was 6 years old, Niki aged 10 and we arrived at an Australian Airport. Then we jumped in a taxi and off we went to the resort.
When we finally got to our place of staying, it was around 10:00 at night.
We couldn’t really do much till the next day of course. So as Niki and I were tired, we jumped into the twin beds beside each other and fell asleep quite easily.
The sun rose and when we woke, we bounded out of bed and ran to the window/door. It was really cool. To the left, we had our own little patio with a table and some chairs. To the right, there was more foliage and then the next unit.
To the front left corner, the playground was there. It had two swings, a slide and a sandpit. In front of that was a miniature cinema and to the side of that, there was a tennis court. How lucky were we?! Then Niki pointed directly in front of us. There they were. The pools! There was a paddling pool that fell into the deep big pool. Beside that there was a bigger and warmer pool. In between those pools, there was a small spa pool. As being in Australia, it was always warm, so Niki and I could go in the pools everyday.
But before we could go in the pools, mum and dad made sure that Niki and I had breakfast and got our sunscreen on. I still remember waiting for Niki to get in her togs, as I had mine on. Dad was putting on my sunscreen and watching a TV programme.
At last, Niki came out and we ran to the pools. Of course I had my floaties on.
After having a glorious time, it was lunch time. Sadly, I do not remember much about this point in time. After having lunch, it was back in the pools. That was practically what happened for the rest of the daytime.
Now it’s dinner time. So Niki and I got dressed properly and away we all went to go find a restaurant. We walked about a block or two up and found a nice one. I  don’t remember the name of this particular restaurant. Mum and dad ordered their dinner. As Niki and I looked through the menu, Niki decided she wanted the noodles. As little sisters go, I wanted the same. After a couple of minutes, our noodles came. The smell was so great. When we ate them, it didn’t taste like our normal noodles. Then we found out, that the noodles were covered in oyster sauce. It was amazingly good. I cannot say how well they tasted.
After dinner came dessert of course! Niki ordered the same as mum and dad, which was a chocolate pudding. But as most 6 year olds would, I ordered the vanilla ice-cream with the sprinkle of ‘hundreds and thousands’ along side with a pink wafer. Yummy!
After we finished eating, it was time to go. The time would have been around 7:00 pm. So we walk back up the block to our little unit. Now it was bedtime for Niki and I.
We get up the next morning. As I open the curtain, a beautiful rainbow coloured parrot was sitting in a tree over the fence. So I quickly tell mum, dad and Niki.
That day we didn’t go straight to the pools because we were going to Dream World!
Dream World is one of the big theme parks in Australia. I remember Niki was very brave and went on the Nickelodeon Rollercoaster. I wouldn’t even do it today because I’m not really into rollercoaster’s. This rollercoaster went in loops and upside down turns and you would go all over the place. I wasn’t aloud on it because there was a height restriction that I didn’t reach.
So Niki and dad went on it, while I stayed with mum. I remember we could hear Niki screaming the whole way. Not in enjoyment but with terror. And then when the ride stopped, we expected Niki to come out with tears falling down her face but she came with a huge smile and asked if she could do it again!
I went on a Dora the Explorer ride and then I got taken to a Blues Clues show.
Afterwards, we got something to eat. Unfortunately, something went wrong in Niki’s stomach, so she was in the bathroom for a while. In the meantime, I got given a sherbet stick which had multi coloured sherbet in it.
Next we had photos taken with cartoon characters such as: The Power Puff Girls and Spongebob Sqaurepants. And then we left for our unit.
We ended up staying for a couple more days. Over this period of time, we got to go to the cinema and used the tennis courts and of course the pools! The night before we left for home, mum was walking around and she found the “southern star” and showed it to us. Then the following morning, we went back to the Australian Airport and went home.
I liked this experience because it remind me of how well Niki and I got on. Where as, now we don’t. I hope to go back to Turtle Beach Resort.

Submitted: August 17, 2010

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CL Swartz

Loved reading this. Great how you brought out so many facets of the trip. As well as your lovely memories with Niki... write more

Tue, August 17th, 2010 3:40pm

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