Life Line

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a roller-coaster tragedy, please tell me which ending you like best...

Submitted: July 22, 2007

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Submitted: July 22, 2007



"Come on. It will be fun!"

"Amber, you know I don't want to."

"Jake, you know I'm going to make you."

"Yeah... I know." Jake mumbled, and allowed himself to be pushed into the line- up by Amber. "Ouch! Hey, careful! I don't want a broken back. I might what to use that someday." Jake spoke forcefully to Amber, and she reluctantly continued to push him.

"Like when?" Amber said sarcastically. The two were only seconds away from being strapped into a very large rollercoaster. Jake was not happy about this at all, seeing as things that make him vomit, scream or reach a very high altitude did not please him very much. Amber happens to be persuasive, so Jake did not have much of a choice.


"No, no, no..." Jake spoke those muffled words as the coaster made its slow climb towards the top of the hill, which would then shoot them down and into a large loop turning them upside-down.

"Hey Jake, can I borrow your cell for a second?" Amber asked.

"Uh, I don't think I'm even aloud to bring my cell phone on the ride."

"Your not... but I know you. You never go anywhere without it. Hand it over." Jake handed Amber his cell, and she started to flip through the menu, searching for the audio-video option. Once she found it, she clicked ‘Record' and pointed it at Jake.

"What are you doing?"

"Recording you face when we take the dive. This will make a very funny memory."

"You're evil, you know that?"

Just as the coaster reached the top, Jake shut his eyes tight, not wanting to see his waiting doom. Amber laughed.

The coaster made the plunge, and Jake was screaming, while Amber recorded it. That's when something unexpected happened. The coaster stopped, right at the top of the loop while the coaster was upside-down. Great. So there they were, scared out of their minds hanging up side down in a roller coaster, stuck. Amber panicked. In the mayhem, she dropped the cell phone.

"Oh my god..." Amber whispered as she saw Jake's face widen with fear and anger.


"Jake, no!" Amber yelled, as Jake lunged his arms forward to get his cell phone, just as everyone on the roller coaster screamed when ten passengers fell. This happened because the bars that kept you in your seat broke loose, and those who were not holding on tight fell to a horrible and gruesome death, and showed everyone on the ground underneath that mayhem was going on above.

Amber screamed the loudest, as Jake was too busy trying to reach out for his falling cell phone to hold on. He was among the ten passengers that fell to their death. As Amber screamed, she let go herself and thought this was the end for her as well. Lucky for her, she thought quick enough to wrap her legs around the loose bar. She was dangling, and in her hand was a sleeve of Jake's shirt.

Amber started to cry and she hung there, as she had lost her best friend and could suffer the same fate as him at any second. Tears ran up her face and dripped off her forehead as she was hanging upside down. "Do you mind? I don't need a shower here." Amber almost let go of the loose shirt in surprise, as she just noticed that she wasn't only holding onto a shirt. Jake was still in it.

Amber was so shocked, for many reasons. First, she never knew that her reflexes were that good. I mean, if you were on a rollercoaster and it stopped, causing you to suspend upside-down in the air and drop a cell phone, would you think quick enough to risk your own life? Moreover, all to do a kamikaze (com-i-coz-e) rescue for your friend (who happens to be very heavy) when he lunges for the cell? To add to that, she was able to wrap her knees around the bar and grab her friend by the shirt. All in about, half a second.

"Oh my god, Jake...?" Amber started to cry even harder, half because she was so surprised and happy that he was alive, and half because she was angry and ashamed that she got them into this... then she just had to use his cell phone.

Jake realized how upset and relived she was, and tried to lighten her mood by making a joke. "I caught the cell phone." Jake smirked and held up his free hand to show her. Amber was now laughing and crying, which was an odd thing to watch. Then she started to sneeze, so she ending up sneezing, crying and laughing all at the same time. This caused her to make a very strange face, as well as some peculiar noises followed by jakes nervous laugh. His eyes widened as he felt her grip on his clothes loosen a bit when she did her little sneeze-cry-laugh scenario.

"Sorry." Amber mumbled.


It felt like they were hanging there for hours. I mean, you would think that the fire department or even someone with a big ladder would have the brains to get everyone down from here. Then Amber remembered that in many cases when something bad was happening time seemed to go by slowly. It didn't help that the Fair they were at was basically in the middle of no where, so the fire department might just be some old guy with a small ladder and a bucket. Therefore, it would take a while for some real help to come along. Amber looked down at Jake, and saw something very upsetting.

"Jake! There's blood on your face! Are you hurt?" Jakes eyes were wide with fear, and Ambers first thought was, ‘Oh no. He's not dieing, is he?'

Then she saw him shake his head slowly, and Amber followed his gaze up to her legs that were still firmly wrapped around the bar.

She almost fainted. That's how horrifying the sight was. Amber thought back to early that morning, when she had put on her favorite pare a jeans that she wore the previous day to school. In the pocket of these jeans, was a pen.

Blood was dripping faster now, and pain started to erupt within her leg, as the pen was slowly starting to dig deeper into her leg. If she didn't move it, her upper leg would have a very painful hole in it.

"Amber..." Jake seemed hurt inside, as if he thought this was his fault. "Let me go." He spoke very firmly, almost as though he was commanding her.

Jake looked up into Amber's soft green eyes, and saw the pain in them. She was in torture, and he new it. She was strong, and refused to cry. Jake had seen to many of her tears today, and if she died she was going down with dignity. It was jakes turn to cry.

"Please, just let go. I don't want you to get hurt..." Jake pleaded, and started to loosen his own grip. Amber refused, and dug her nails deep into his skin. He winced under the pain, and looked up almost apologetically because he knew that his friend was in much more pain.

"You're not going down. If you do, I will be there right beside you and then I guess we really would end up friends, ‘until the death.'" Amber forced a smile, but it was so fake and lonely that Jake wished she had never grabbed his shirt in the first place, because he would rather have died then go through seeing her like this.

It was then the worst happened. The rollercoaster shifted, and everyone screamed again. Right about then, Amber really wished they would grow up and shut up.

(Okay, so she wasn't being that polite. Just think if that were you, would politeness be at the top of your list of things to do?)

As the weight of the rollercoaster shifted, Jake pouted lightly, and silently. However, this was almost unnoticed because of Ambers howls. Her screams were so loud, almost anyone in the entire Fair could feel a pen finally going through their own leg after such a wait of gruesome torture. Lucky for everyone else, Amber was the only one actually experiencing this. Amber's eyes started to flutter, and her grip loosened. The surprising part, was the grip she was loosening. She was so determined to save Jake that her hand was still around his wrist firmly, and her nails still digging into his flesh. That was real dedication.

The grip she was loosing was with her legs and the bar that had killed many, but had been Jake and Amber's lifeline. Jake was terrified, and not even for himself. He wished Amber had let go of his arm, and saved herself... and now it was too late. They were going to drop.

Just before her legs lost connection with the bar and she fainted, she whispered something to Jake. "I'm not letting you go..." her words were so feint, and her voice was so weak that it's a miracle Jake even heard it.

"You don't have to. Everything will be okay..." Jake whispered soothingly, and felt his own grip loosen,asthe two of them fell together.

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