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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something different from my normal style, mostly dialogue.

Abby walked silently along the dark streets, hands in her pockets, eyes surveying her gloomy surroundings. This place hadn’t changed a bit since she’d last been here.
‘Well,’ she reminded herself ‘It’s only been a month.’
It felt like years. Years since she saw “Ryan?” she asked.
 A young man, perhaps in his late teens, turned to look at her. Messy brown hair covered half his face. 
“Abby. I never thought I’d see you again” He laughed humorlessly.
“Me either.” They stood in a silence for awhile, as Ryan pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it.
Abby broke the silence by saying “Do you still want to kill me?”
To Ryan, this was not a strange question. “Kinda. It’s nothing personal anymore, I just wanna kill everyone”
Abby nodded. Ryan had been planning some big massacre since before she’d met him. So far, he hadn’t actually killed anyone though, at least as far as she knew.
Ryan continued “So why’d you come here?”
Abby shrugged. “I dunno, why not?”
“Maybe because last time you were here Brenden and I said we were going to kill you?”
“Oh. That.” Abby said. The truth was she didn’t know why she came back here. “How Is Brenden anyway?”
“Dead” Ryan said flatly. If most people had heard anyone say their best friend had died in the last month so calmly, they would have been shocked. But Abby would have been surprised if Ryan had cared.
“What happened to him?” Abby asked.
“He got hit by a bus, I guess. Totally flattened. And I wasn’t there to see it!” Ryan had always wanted to see someone die.
Abby didn’t especially feel like talking about Brenden, or his death. “I see. Other than that, anything interesting happen lately?”
“Nah.” He breathed out a little cloud of cigarette smoke “Not since you left”
Abby nodded again. Things had been getting quieter around here since before she left. When Abby moved to this town, Ryan, Brenden, Keith and occasionally a few others were usually together causing trouble or just hanging around, watching a movie and planning something evil. But over the last few months, Keith had started spending a lot more time with his girlfriend, and his new friends, until he finally stopped hanging around with Brenden and Ryan altogether.
Abby sighed as she looked up at the grey sky. Keith was lucky. He had someone who cared about him now, and friends that didn’t want to watch him die. Abby knew she’d never have that.
“It’s boring all alone you know” Ryan said.
“I know.” Abby told him “What do you think I’ve been doing for the last month?”
Ryan studied her face for a moment “Dying” he replied.
“That was a rhetorical question”
“I know. But that’s what happened. I can tell.”
He was right. Over the last month Abby stopped being heartbroken and stopped caring. She didn’t feel any more love or hate or sadness, nothing but a dull, constant pain. Abby really didn’t know why. Over the past month she’d lost her boyfriend, made some bad decisions, and been utterly alone. But hadn’t those things happened before? Maybe it was the combination of all three. Or perhaps the truth was that she’d simply given up. It didn’t matter to Abby anymore.
“I got a gun” Ryan said, seemingly at random
“What are you gonna do?” Abby asked “Just take it somewhere there’s a lot of people and start shooting?”
“Yeah, maybe” Ryan said.
“Why are you telling me?” She asked.
“Why not?” he answered, “You’re not gonna tell anyone”
Abby knew he was right. “Do you have it with you? Can I see it?”
“Sure.” He removed it from his jacket and held it out to her.
A handgun. Maybe not the best for shooting into a crwod of people, but perfect for something else. Abby pointed it at her face. ‘click’.
Ryan smiled. He had always wanted to see someone die.

Submitted: January 12, 2010

© Copyright 2021 XxRachelxX. All rights reserved.

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