Another Day In Life

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Sahar Anderson is a young and single girl. When this guy falls for her, she has no idea what to do.

Submitted: January 02, 2011

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Submitted: January 02, 2011



One sunny Tuesday morning , I wake up to a loud noise from my room.

I rolled off my bed and ended up on my bedroom floor.

I looked up. It was my mom singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

"Happy Birthday Sahar!" My mom Linda sang to me.

Even though I hated my birthday. I smiled .

"Get up Hun' you have to get ready for school you 16 year old." Mom smiled at  me

"OH , allright" I sighed

I got up and ran to the bathroom and took a shower. I eventually got out and got dressed into skinny jeans and a plain purple shirt.

I  pulled out my black sandals and slid them on.

I then combed my brownish redish hair , it's straight and silky. I'll let it be down for a day.

I put my make-up on  and then left.

As I arrived to my school I saw my friend Jolina Roder.

"Hey Sahar!" She said

"Hi , when did you get here?" I said

"Hmmm , like 15 minutes ago. Why? And guess what?" she exclamied

"Oh , just because. And what?" I said excited

"THE SPRING FLING IS ON FRIDAY!!!!" She yelled hyperly

"Wow , uhhh thats cool. " I said frowning

"Yeah, has anyone asked you?" She said

"No , not yet. I probably cant go." I said

"That sucks . I wish somebody asked me." She smiled

"Yeah , lets go to class well." I said

So we walked to class and it went fast. After a few classes we went to lunch and I saw him.

Zach Brown.

"Woh Sahar quit staring. Your gonna' freak him out." Melinda said

"Just shut up. Please. Dont ruin my moment." I said sternly

"YEAH. Just because he's your Ex dont get all mad." Jolina exclaimed

"Jolina , nobody was talking to you. So mind your own business you emo-freak." Melinda said

Jolina reached across the table and grabbed Melinda by her necklace.

"Listen here stupid blondie , I am not a freak and hell yeah i'm proud to be emo. So if you dont like shove it down your throat and choke on it. Understand?" Jolina said furiously

"Girl ,what are you going to do. OH WAIT? Nothing ." She pushed Jolina off her and said

She walked out the cafeteria.

Everyone looked at Jolina and turned away.

"Jolina , I'm so sorry I didnt do anything." I said frowning

"It's allright , this aint' your battle." Jolina said

She then strutted out the cafeteria too.

At that moment Zach came to sit at my table.

"Hey Sahar ,what was that all about?" He said so cutely.

"Melinda pushed Jolina's buttons like usual" I said

"Well , thats expected. I'm having a party this weekend... Parents are gone... So Ya' wanna come?" He said

You could see the excited in his eyes. And I know he could see my love for him in my eyes...

Chapter 2 Coming Soon!!!!

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