Cry Baby Cry

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Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



Cry baby cry;;

Your father left your mother,

Your always home alone,

You always call your boyfriend,

Who never picks up  the phone.

Cry baby cry;;

Your grades are a mess,

Your supposed friends are gone,

You currently hang out with a druggie,

Who says you remind him of a song.

Cry baby cry;;

You leave your boyfriend for the druggie,

You leave town for good,

You never hear from your parents again,

You hide your face under a hood.

Cry baby cry;;

Here you are at the end,

Sidewalk cold and wet,

Weeping as you hold the gun,

Your settling all bets.

Cry baby cry;;

You hold it up and look the the streetlights,

Thinking it's all a dream,

Then you press down on the trigger,

And really start a scene.

Cry baby cry;;

Your buried in the graveyard,

Far off from your home,

Now you got what you wanted,

Now you are alone.

Cry baby cry.

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