Nature's Painters

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Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008



When the world was made, there was only nature and man. As nature surrounded man, he wanted to portray and learn about it, so man was characterized as a curious creature who thrives to learn about the world around him.

On April 15, 1452, to a notary and peasant girl, nature loving Leonardo Da Vinci was born. Raised in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo sketched and studied nature, instead of going to school. becoming interested in science at an older age, he moved to Milan to show his talent. Becoming widely respected for his creative sketching of weapons and devices, he worked for the Duke, Borgia, and Pope, and both artist and military egineer.
As Da Vinci helped create war weapons and sketched out amazing machines, nature still inspired him. Known as the "Grandfather Of Aviation", Da Vinci always wanted to fly. Spending countless years studying birds and the way they moved in the air, Leonardo created the Ornithopter, a flying maching Da Vinci was serious about building, but never got to, and also created with the tank, inspired by a turtle shell.
As Da Vinci grew older, he dedicated the rest of his life to a large bronze sculpture of the Duke on Horseback, which was called "Da Vinci's Horse". Over a ton in bronze, Leonardo realized he couldn't heat it all at once, so he created a large amount of ovens connected by pipes to heat it all, but in the end, France invaded Italy, taking all of Da Vinci's bronze, and the clay model of the horse for target practice. Soon after, Leonardo became ill and passed away May 2, 1519, at age sixty-seven, but 500 years later, on the same day the french invaded, the horse was remade and shown, September 1999, Leonardo's name and creations living on.

Over 334 year later, Vincent Van Gough was born, in the year 1853. Son of a pastor, Vincent was raised in Groot-Zundert, Holland, where he was always surrounded by nature. He was highly emotional and lacked self-confidence, going through a wide range of jobs such as salesman, bookstore clerk, and preacher until he decided to become an artist in 1885. Vincent loved to draw nature, but he needed to lighten his palet. Traveling from Belgium, where he studied art, to Paris, he met Monet and Gaugin, who changed his palet to much lighter colors. After tweaking the way he painted, Van Gough wanted to go to south of Arles to start a school of art, and asked Monet and Gaugin to join him, only Gaugin accomponing him. They lived as roomates in a small house,but in a fit of epilepsy, Vincent attacked Gaugin with a razor. Gaugin retrained his friend, but in the process, Van Gough cut off a peice of his ear. After being sent to a hospital, doctors noted the Vincent also had fits of madness, and was checked into an asylum in Saint Remy. Later in May 1890, he was doing much better and was sent to live with Dr. Gachet in Auver-Sur-Oise, but in the end, he shot himself on July 29, 1890, at age 39.

Sixty years after Van Gough's death, an artist was born. Rober Wyland was born in Detroit, Michigan, and first started his murals when he was three, on his parents headboard. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, and majoredin painting and sculpture. Once he graduated, he professors encouraged him to go to California to develop his artist abilities. Wyland, known for his marine painging and conservative efforts, started the Wyland Foundation, his goal to make one hundred whaling walls by the year 2011. The well known artist now lives in hawaii, still working on his goal to spread marine awareness.

By finding out more about these artists, I've learned that nature has inspired many of the greatest inventors, artists, and scientists in the world, and continues to do so. In the futur, I would like to becom an artist or photgrapher, and learn more about the world and the animal living on it, and I think that's what will truly help us understand the earth.

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