Never A Happy Ending

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Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



Look who's here to be the hero,

To save the princess in distress.

With your cape and shining armour,

Come on boy give it a rest.

Give it up and go back home,

Because in the end that's where you'll be,

Instead of in the main dining room,

With the princess drinking tea.

Riding down the dirt road path,

With your trusty steed,

Come on boy, look at your life,

Some money is what you need.

You need a good house and a woman that really cares for you,

Not a prissy princess that watches all you do.

A fairytale from the book has alway been your dream,

To live that life page by page,

From detail to the clothes' seam.

Watch it boy,

Dont go to far, with that once a upon a time,

Though it may look sugary sweet;

It's as bitter as a lime.

Go back to your simple life,

Sweeping wooden floors clean,

Because you want to live a fairytale,

Where you are never seen.

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