This Is The Life Of My Best Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is all about a girls life. What she has went through. Tormenting experiences,just terrible things.

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Submitted: October 19, 2013



This is a story of a girl, she wasn't very old when evrything went wrong.

I was witness to everything that happened to her.

I wish I could unsee things.

Most of it.

All of it.


This girl was my only friend. Or so I had thought.

This girl's name was Laura.

She had been bullied at school all the time. The popular kids made fun of her. 

She could never fit in they told her.

After all was said and done she would sob to herself in her room.

Not letting other people know what was going on.

She kept to herself.


Now, lets stop for a moment and go to the very beginning of Laura's life.

She was born on June 8th 1999

Her mother was very greatful.

But little Laura was not a planned baby.

She 'just kind of happened' as her mother put it.

Laura's biological father abandoned her at 3 moths old.

But, at 6 months her mother met a man and fell deeply in love with this man.

The man Laura grew up to know as 'daddy'


So, after a few years Laura got older.

She was about 10.

Her parents split up.

She still saw daddy though.

She lived with her mother.

There was always hope that her mother and father would get back together.

They never did.


So all the boyfriends Laura's mother had, she hated.

She only loved her daddy.

No one could replace him.


More years pass, Laura is about 12 now.

She starts talking to her biological side of her family.

She meets up with them, and they all immediatly fall in love with Laura.

Even the father who had abandoned her,

They all wanted her to be a part of her life. For once she felt wanted.

Although, Laura never gave them the satisfaction of titles such as aunt and father.

She used their names.


Laura is now 13. 

This year means everything to her.

She has soooo much coming up.

The night of her comfirmation comes by

(Laura is not very religious, she was baptised young, but never believed anything about jesus.)

Laura had asked her daddy if he was going to be there.

He said he would be there.

No matter what.

That night, he never showed. 

He was having issues with his mom.

Laura said ok and continued to have fun at her party.

(She was very upset he couldn't make it deep down inside)


Laura's 14th birthday was happening!

She was so excited..

She was 14!! 

She asked her dad prior to the event,

will you be there?

Of course. He said he would be there.

That night, he never showed.

He had more important things to do with his new girfriend.

Laura spent her birthday party crying in her room.

She called her Best Friend and told her.

Her best friend came and got her and they had a sleepover.

They talked and cried for eachother.

Laura's friend had a rough life too.


Laura had a love of dance and had a big recital coming up.

She asked her dad prior to the event, are you coming?

He said he wouldn't miss it for the world.

The day of the recital she hadn't heard from him.

She text him and asked him if he was coming. He said his mom was sick in the hospital.

Laura's mom called the hospital to see if his mom was there.

She wasn't registed in the hospital at all.

He had made a big lie to miss Laura's big night.

Why you ask?

To spend time with his girlfriend.


Laura's graduation.

Guess who was a no show?


Laura thought that since she had her other family now that daddy thought she didn't need him.

But, indeed she did need him.

Laura tried to kill herself many times over her daddy.

She loved him so much. 

Why couldn't he love her again?



A few months pass, 

Laura has had no contact with daddy.

She was angry.




Everything you can think of she felt.

One day Laura has just had it and she messages her 'daddy'

She sent him a long message with all her feeling in it.

All he had to say was,

I did say sorry.

Nothing else.

Just that.

She was crushed.

He really didn't care.


After that message her dad talked to her a little here and there.

Not much.

One day he had lost his job.


He would call in sick to be with his girlfriend or just not show.

Kinda what he did to Laura.

Well after that, he said he was coming to see Laura in the next few days.

She asked when trying to make a time.

He never showed.

Laura now feels like this man hates her for getting involved with her other family.

The worst part of this story is,







I am Laura.















© Copyright 2020 XxRissaxX. All rights reserved.

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