the basement door

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Submitted: March 12, 2016

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Submitted: March 12, 2016



the basement door


Here I am. Sitting in my basement trapped underneath books. I came down here to simply get a book, I am pretty sure I have too many books but somehow I have read them all.

I push the books off myself standing up and coming to terms with the mess I made. I look around, my eyes panning the room like a scene from a movie when I notice it.

There is a secret door behind my shelves.

I had previously tripped and sent the book shelves in my basement going down like dominos, I had spent my whole life living in this house and yet I never knew what was behind here.

I don’t know whether to call for help or to investigate but that decision is soon made.

I slowly climb over the books cluttering the floor, my eyes fixated on the door.

Once I get to the door I swiftly attempt to open it, but it’s useless. I carry on trying until I notice this keypad next to the door, which must mean this place is password protected.

I quickly whip my phone out of my pocket and dial my best friend.

“Brook we have an emergency I’m here alone please come to mine now” I yelled down the phone.

“I will be right there” I heard her say in a rush. Brook and I have been best friends for years and we even live on the same street as each other so I know she will get here in time.

As I’m waiting for Brook to get here I try and tidy up what I can out from the mess on the floor. I manage to lift the bookshelves back into a straight stance, move the book shelf that was in front of the door off to the side with the books that were in it stacked up in a few miniature piles.

Just as I was done tidying up the books, leaving the dusty door on show, I hear a distinctive knock on my front door. It was the signature knock Brook and I had together.

I quickly open the door, let her in and take her down to the basement.

“Oh my god you were not kidding! This is extremely interesting!” she said in a high pitched tone.

“I know right” I began “what do you think the pass code is?’’

“I honestly don’t know it could be anything from 1234 to an entire essay of numbers because I don’t see any clear markings that indicate how long this password is”

Without saying anything I typed in the numbers 1234… nothing

I tried 2468… nothing.

I tried 0000, I suddenly heard this weird clicking noise and everything went silent for 5 seconds. Instantly the door burst open revealing a quite big empty room, there were a few cobwebs but we didn’t see any spiders, it was like a dream.

I had never seen anything like it before. 

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