The Heroic Assassin

The Heroic Assassin

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Kross was a highly trained assassin. His organization Viper had the most latest technology. It was 1889. Kross finds out that his father was killed by a person named Blake. Kross sets out to France to kill Blake, with his partner Leo. Will Kross and Leo stop Blake, or will they crumble at his feet?
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Kross was a highly trained assassin. His organization Viper had the most latest technology. It was 1889. Kross finds out that his father was killed by a person named Blake. Kross sets out to France to kill Blake, with his partner Leo. Will Kross and Leo stop Blake, or will they crumble at his feet?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Heroic Assassin

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Kross was a highly trained assassin. His organization Viper had the most latest technology. It was 1889. Kross finds out that his father was killed by a person named Blake. Kross sets out to France to kill Blake, with his partner Leo. Will Kross and Leo stop Blake, or will they crumble at his feet?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 23, 2012



The Heroic Assassin

Kkkk! Kkkk!

I stared into my opponent’s desperate eyes as I choked him.

“Wh-why would you want to kill me Kross; I just wanted to end the hatred in this world,” said my helpless opponent, Darwin.

“You were trying to end the whole British population. I’ll not let my kind suffer from lousy idiots like you!” I said.

I choked Darwin more and more until he stopped moving completely. I let go of his neck and headed off to Manchester, England. Right now I was in London. I took one more glance at the dead body of Darwin, and then I was off.

There was a train waiting for me. I got on the train and soon fell asleep. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we reached Manchester. I got off the train when my laser watch started ringing. I looked at the watch, and my instructor’s face appeared.

“Kross, thee must come to base….. Immediately!” said my instructor Randy.

I walked to base and found my peers in a gloomy mood.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Kross, your father he, he…..died.” said Randy.

“What?! That can’t be true; he was the best in this whole organization! He can’t possibly die!” I cried, tears slithering down my cheeks.

“He died on a mission at Paris, France.”

“What was his objective?” I asked in a dark, angry tone.

“He had to go to Paris, France to stop a person named Blake,” Randy said, eyeing me cautiously.

“Blake intends to release a poison gas at the Exposition Universelle. He captured your father and gave your father a little sample of the poison gas. Since I knew you would want to take revenge, Kross, I already have an advanced flying machine that can teleport you there. It’s used only for emergencies and it will take you to Paris.” Randy said.

I walked out the room, and went to the “Blue Orbit Tunnel,” the place where the flying machine was waiting. As I walked into the tunnel, I was thinking about how I would make Blake’s suffering slow and painful. I would take my Zan-XX laser knife, and slowly cut Blake’s sad soul open!

I looked ahead and the door to the end of the tunnel was there. Its silver and crimson body glinted because of the blue lights in the cave. The doors opened automatically as I stepped into the chamber. I could see the jet black color of the flying machine. There were four seats in the machine. It had two green engines that had a picture of a viper. The head of the machine resembled a viper showing his fangs. The fearsome viper was our organization’s symbol. Viper was also my organization’s name. The viper resembled my group’s intimidating presence and fearsome power.

“Good day sir, welcome to the Viper-Acer 2000. It’s pure technology! Make sure no one knows about this though; our technology is not registered,” said my butler, Atobe.

I looked at Atobe and gave him a nod showing that I understood his concern of our technology. I boarded the Viper-Acer 2000 followed closely by Atobe. The next thing I knew, I was experiencing the fastest flight in the world! It went so fast that it took only mere seconds before the machine came to a sudden halt.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Sir, we stopped at Cherbourg to pick up one of your companions for the trip. His name is Leo Francesco,” said Atobe.

Atobe stepped out the Viper-Acer 2000 and got a gun out. He pulled the trigger, sending a bullet flying into the air. I squinted and to my surprise I saw a person with three guns on each side of his belt. He had shoulder pads and looked pretty thin. He was wearing a sharp black tuxedo. He had a gun in his pocket.

“Leo meet Kross, Kross meet Leo,” Atobe said, gesturing to the both of us.

Leo eyed me sharply and then he said, “Ravie de vous rencontrer.”

“What?” I asked.

“Sir, Leo is speaking French and he said, nice to meet you.”

“Ravie de vis rencronter?” I said back knowing I made a total fool out of myself.

Leo laughed at me and so did Atobe.

“Hm, you don’t know how to speak French, now do you Kross?” Leo said mockingly. “It’s ok, not everyone in France speak French; some speak other religious languages such as Tahitian.”

Atobe got in the machine, signaling me and Leo to get on. I got on and then Leo got on.


The Viper-Acer 2000 took off at the record breaking speed I experienced before.

I could see rivers run through parts of France. I could also see mountains. Everything was a blur but I had keen eyes. Before I knew it, we were in Paris. The Viper Acer 2000 landed, causing great gusts of wind. Leo got off the machine and I followed. Atobe gave me and Leo a salute before speeding away in the Viper-Acer 2000.

I could feel the warm breeze of Paris’s May as I looked at Leo. I opened my mouth but hesitated to speak. Leo had a sleek grin on his face when he saw my hesitation.

“You try to speak French but you cannot. I guess it’s sad that I can speak English and French,” he said, grinning slyly.

“Look scum, how about you mind your own business and I’ll mind mine. I don’t care if I can’t speak French. At least I’m more educated,” I retorted, anger building inside.

“France also has primary education like basic literacy. I’m also educated Kross so get your facts right.” Leo replied back.

I looked at Leo furiously but I managed to keep my cool. We both stopped at a restaurant for a lunch break. We sat at a table and waited for one of the waitresses to come. After some time a waitress came to us.

“Bonjour,” I said.

The waitress looked at me like she just saw the ugliest person in the world. Leo had a smirk on his face and then he spoke another language. Now I had a puzzled expression on my face. The waitress and Leo talked a bit and then Leo ordered the food. The waitress quickly wrote the orders and left.

“What language were you and the waitress speaking?” I asked, still puzzled.

“We were speaking in Tahitian; remember what I told you before. Not everyone speaks French in France; some people speak languages such as Tahitian, Catalan, and many more.”

I waited for our food to come. It took a while. After a few minutes, I got bored so I went out of the restaurant and wandered around. Paris mostly consisted of people and lights. The people seemed very kind. There weren’t a lot of things nature wise. There was hardly any green to be seen.

I went to one of the many markets that lined the street, seeing an old merchant manning it.

“Excuse me sir, do you speak English?” I asked the merchant.

“Yes, what do you want?” said the man.

“Do you know any natural resources that are in Paris?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

“Paris has rich soil, which is how the agriculture markets in Paris make corn and other crops. France has a decent amount of farmers. Are you tourist or something,” asked the man.

“Yes, I am and I’m curios. So, do you know what people usually do in France?” I asked.

“The average French home has single rooms heated by a fireplace that are also used to cook. The wealthier have dressers with good china. The women usually do the housework and the men have jobs as urban workers. I would love to chat but I have stuff to do,” said the merchant who shooed me away.

I nodded and returned to the restaurant. Leo was waiting outside with a plastic box.

“I saved some food for you, Kross.” said Leo. I put the plastic box in my bag which had my ammunition and other weapons.

“Come on Kross, we have to get back on track.”

As me and Leo were walking, I saw a man dressed in all black. He had a sign of the Eiffel Tower (which was going to be displayed at the Exposition Universelle) and on the Eiffel Tower sign there was a big X. I looked at Leo and he gave me a nod. We followed the suspicious man. After some twists and turns the man came to a halt. I then noticed that we were in front of an abandoned warehouse. The man entered and the door closed with a loud thud! Leo jumped and landed right in front of the door. He got a pistol out of his holster and then kicked the door open. Three men appeared and surrounded Leo.

“Seize him,” one of the men said.

Two of the three men rushed towards Leo. He jumped in the air and did a 360 spin while shooting. The two men fell down dead. The last remaining man got a knife and snuck behind Leo.

“Hey weirdo, look at me,” I said, loading the chamber of my gun.

When the dull man turned around, I shot him. The man let go of his knife and he too joined his friends in death.

“I didn’t need your help Kross. I know what I’m doing.”

“A simple thank you would do Leo,” I said brushing off Leo’s rude comment.

“Ha ha ha, you have finally arrived of vipers.” said a cold icy voice.

I looked up and saw a person descending down stairs. He had an AK-74u clipped on his belt; it had X’s all over it.

“You must be Blake, the one who killed my father!” I said infuriated and my hands curled into fists.

“Hmm I am so sorry!” Blake said sarcastically, his eyes glinting menacingly.

Blake’s henchmen surrounded me and Leo. They all had either machine guns, or AK-47 Holographics. I dropped down on my knees. I looked at Leo and I could see he was infuriated but he also, dropped down on his knees. Two henchmen roughly grabbed us, pulling us upwards to our feet. Blake told the men to take Leo and me to the “capsule.”

“Oh, by the way you two, the Exposition Universelle will start tomorrow,” Blake said, smiling sadistically.

I had forgotten that it was going to be held May 6th to October 31st and May 6th was tomorrow! I felt myself being picked up by two bulky men. They took us down steps and tied us both against a chair. Then Blake’s other henchmen surrounded me and Leo. I thought of ways to get out but they all would seem helpless.

“Hey Leo, what is the Exposition Universelle for?” I asked.

“There were many Exposition Universelles held. The one tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the storming of Bastille. It’s an event that is traditionally considered the symbol for the beginning of the French Revolution. You can think of it as a holiday,” Leo told me.

“Thanks,” I said and paused. “Wait, I think I have a plan.”

Just then I heard footsteps and soon saw Blake walk down the steps.

“Hello my dear friends; how do you like your new home?” Blake laughed but his tone of voice quickly changed. “This is what you deserve, especially you vipers,” Blake said angrily.

“Kross your father; he shot many Armenians. A lot of Armenians live in Paris. Now, if you’re wondering, the Armenians were an ethnic group. I’m also an Armenian. Now I will take my revenge! Kross, this disgusting world will always run on hate. Everyone hates, even you do. This world will never have peace, only hate! You have to learn how to embrace that hate and turn it into your strength;” Blake said evilly, his eyes darker than black.”

“Are you done your little speech?” I asked.

Blake looked at me and then looked at one of his men.

“I’ll be nice and won’t bomb the Eiffel Tower while setting off my poison gas. Only if Kross gets the bomb clipped to his hand.”

“Fine, but you better not lie!” I said.

One of the men got a bomb with a needle stuck to the end. He got my hand and stabbed the bomb in my flesh.

“I’ll kill you...” I said, my teeth gritted in pain.

“Hm, Kross I don’t think you want to test out my poison gas. Heh, you’ll experience the full blast of my poison gas plan tomorrow. Let me tell you something; if you have the guts to climb the Eiffel Tower then do it! That’s where the poison gas will be resting. Hahahahahahaha!” his sadistic laughter grew fainter as he ascended the steps.


I heard a sound coming from Leo’s hand. He was holding a knife and was slowly cutting the tight rope. Then………..Snap!

“Je suis le meilleur,” Leo yelled out in French.

One of the men held out a machine gun and pulled the trigger. Since my eyes were trained for bullets, I sliced the ten bullets he shot at me in half. The man opened his jaw in amazement. I formed a grin on my face and shot him with a handgun in my holster.

On the other side Leo was going old school and killing the men with knives. When I wasn’t paying attention, one of the henchmen stabbed me with a knife in my back. I looked down and I saw a pool of blood on the floor. Rage boiled within me at the sight of the crimson liquid. I got my Zan-XX laser knife that was meant for Blake’s kill and cut the man’s arm off. He looked at me terrified, his eyes so wide that I could see the whites in them.

“Nice vous connaître,” I said.

I put my knife right through the poor man’s throat. The man stopped moving completely with his eyes still wide open.

“I’m surprised you can speak French a bit.”

I turned around and saw Leo.

“I learned it from my father; he only knew how to say one sentence in French, ‘Nice to know you.” I said.

“Your father must’ve been a hero for you, Kross.” Leo said sympathetically.

“He was, and that’s why I am going to kill Blake.” I said determinately.

Leo and I walked up the steps we came down from.

“Leo we should just rest here until tomorrow. While we rest we can think of plans to stop Blake,” I said.

Leo nodded and we both went down the steps and rested upon the two chairs we got tied to.


I woke up, and saw Leo training with his knives.

“Vous vous êtes réveillé,” he said

I got up and started walking up the steps and Leo followed along. When I got outside, I saw that the places were decorated. People were swarming the streets talking to each other.

“You see Kross; our surroundings prove that this is a replica of Bastille and its neighborhood. If you’re wondering what Bastille is, it’s basically a medieval fortress. People wanted the weapons they had in the Bastille. There was gunfire there hence the name is “storming,” Leo told me.

I explored the “neighborhood of Bastille.” I saw the interior courtyard of Bastille; it had a blue ceiling and was decorated with fleur-de-lys. In the courtyard I saw people dancing and talking. I thought it was probably a gathering place and a ballroom. I looked at the fleur-de-lys one more time. I remembered how my mom back home in Manchester, England decorated our house with fleur-de-lys. I admired my mom’s and dad’s ways of decorating our house with other cultural designs. Then I remembered the plastic box Leo saved for me. I got my bag, opened the zipper, and took my plastic box out. I looked in the box. There were fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, and meat. I ate the whole thing in a minute.

“Wow Leo, the food is amazing!” I exclaimed.

I saw Leo far ahead and quickly caught up to him.

“Kross, you can wander around this place until night. That’s probably when Blake will make his move,” Leo said.

“Fine then, we’ll meet at the courtyard,” I replied back

Leo walked away and so did I.

“Blake could turn out to be very strong so I think I should train,” I said out loud to myself.

I thought of running ten miles, so I did. After I ran ten miles I looked at my watch to see how much time it took me. When I looked at the watch it read two minutes. It was a new record; I ran ten miles in two minutes! I then wanted to know how high I could jump. I put my advanced watch in height mode. I kneeled down and jumped for the sky. When I was airborne I closed my eyes so I could feel the warmth of May. Then I felt my feet land gracefully on ground. But when I opened my eyes I was on top of a building! I looked at my watch and found out that I jumped twenty-five feet in the air! As I trained more and more it got darker and darker. When it was night I went to the courtyard. I could see Leo looking at the fleur-de-lys, I quickly approached him.

“Hey, Leo come on!” I yelled

Leo looked at me and in a flash he was next to me. I looked up above the Eiffel Tower and could make out a flying machine that was camouflaging with the night sky. I looked at Leo and he nodded. He and I rushed towards the tower. Then all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm. It was one of Blake’s henchmen!

I quickly round-house kicked him in the gut and shot him. Then I caught up to Leo. We both put on the camouflage setting on our watches. I looked at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I could faintly see a human figure. As I looked closer, I realized it was Blake!

“Leo you stay down here I’ll go,” I said.

“Ok,” he replied.

I jumped forward to find myself grabbing one of the Eiffel Tower’s bars. I looked straight up and saw Blake looking down upon me. The head of his gun was pointing towards me. Then all of a sudden, three bullets were racing towards me.

“Try me Blake, you’ll never touch this,” I said haughtily.

I dodged two of the bullets but the third one hit my knee.

“Ahhhh!” I yelled in pain.

I started climbing up, but since my knee was hurt it was harder to climb. Again Blake pulled the trigger and five bullets fired out. This time I was ready. With one hand still grabbing the bars I used my other hand to slice the bullets. I quickly counteracted and pulled my AK-74u I stole and fired. Three bullets hit Blake’s leg.

“Yo-You imbecile, I am going to kill you!” he cried.

Blake jumped off the top and got his knife out. As he soared down towards me, I pulled my Zan-XX laser knife out.


Our two knives collided. This time I was the one who was farther up. I jumped down and round-house kicked Blake on the head.

“You’ll pay for that,” he said, holding his head.

He got his knife and jumped above me!

“I guess you also have the springs, huh?” I said.

Blake hit me on my face with the bottom of his shoe. Then he jumped downwards and grabbed my injured knee and slammed it against the bar.

“Grrr! That’s it Blake! Your end is now,” I said, more determined than ever.

I kicked him in the jaw, pulled his collar, and placed my knife to his neck.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Blake said smiling.

Blake got a remote control that had a big red button on it.

“Remember that bomb I clipped on your hand, this is the switch for it,” Blake told me.

Blake got his gun and shot it at my forehead. Before it connected, I blocked the bullet with the hand that had the bomb.


The bomb on my hand broke and I grinned. I stabbed Blake’s chest with my knife, his eyes growing wide as blood poured out of his chest.

“Y-Yo-You worthless t-trash I wi-will kill yo-!” Blake uttered before he fainted.

I caught Blake before he fell off the Eiffel Tower. I carried him on my shoulder to where Leo was waiting for me. I limped as I went. When Leo saw me he raced towards me.

“How are you Kross?!” Leo asked, tense.

“I’m good, Blake is not dead even though I stabbed him in the chest,” I told Leo.

“You’re limping. I’ll call Atobe and tell him to pick us up,” Leo told me.

Leo called Atobe and the two talked. I rested against a side of a building and treated my injured knee by bandaging it with a piece of cloth. I saw something hanging out Blake’s belt. It was a can, the poison gas can! I took it out his belt and attached it onto mine. I promised myself I would keep it as a token of my victory.

“Atobe said he is at the same place we were dropped off at. I’ll carry Blake for you.” Leo said.

He took Blake and we both went where Atobe was. When we reached there we could see Atobe waving.

“Gentlemen you’re finally back,” Atobe exclaimed excitingly.

“Yes we are, and we got another passenger for you,” I replied back.

Leo got Blake off his shoulders and onto one of the seats in the Viper-Acer 2000. I got on and so did Leo. I took my final glance of the Exposition Universelle. I could see the different cultural dancers and all new technology being presented. I would truly never forget Paris. I planned to come back one day or another.


The Viper-Acer 2000 took off. As I was remembering my experiences, I felt a sudden jerk.

“Because we are running out of fuel, we are about to crash!” Atobe said.

“How about using the teleport button?” I suggested.

Atobe pressed the button and in an instant we were at base.

“We’re finally here Leo. We’re back at base.” I said.

Atobe went in the base, followed by Leo then me. Leo was holding Blake on his shoulders.

“There you all are,” said a familiar voice.

As the figure came closer I found out it was Randy.

“Where am I?” said a dumbfounded Blake.

Leo quickly grabbed both of Blake’s arms.

“You’re in the base of the organization, Viper.” said my instructor Randy.

“Get me out of here!” replied Blake.

“I’m sorry but you need to die. You have committed an unforgivable sin. You were trying to poison all of the people at the Exposition Universelle.” Randy said emotionlessly.

Randy got out his gun and shot three direct bullets in Blake’s heart. Blake fell to the ground, his body very still. One of my peers came and picked up Blake. I guessed that Blake was heading to the Viper’s, “Fire Dome.”

“Leo, Kross, I have a ceremony set up for you. I want you gentlemen to come. It’ll commence immediately. As for you Atobe, I want you to join the audience.” Randy instructed.

Atobe nodded his head and left. I went to my room and changed. I wore a new tuxedo I recently got. Then I went to the Grand Hall. When I opened the door, I was met by a long red carpet. When I looked straight ahead, I saw Leo and Randy on the podium.

“Kross one of our most prized assassins,” Randy started. “You have done such an incredible task with your partner Leo. The both of you have saved the people at the Exposition Universelle!”

Randy placed a medal over Leo’s neck and then mine.

“Merci,” Leo said to Randy.

“Thank you.” I said to Randy.

“Leo will be made the vice leader of Viper, and our new leader will be……Kross!” Randy said proudly.

Everyone clapped like they never clapped before. Once the clapping was over Leo walked down the podium. I followed him.

After some talking, laughing, and refreshments everyone went back to their room. Before I went to my room, I met up with Leo.

“You know what Leo; you were the best partner I ever had.” I said.

“Vous avez également été le meilleur partenaire que j'ai jamais eu.” Leo said.

“I bet you said, “You were also the best partner I ever had.” I said.

Leo nodded and we both started towards our room.

“Kross, I need to tell you something. Your father would be very proud of you. “Au revoir.” he said before disappearing in his room.

I smiled and continued walking to my room. Once I plopped down on my bed I started to think about my father and his work. My father was way better than me. No, I excelled more than my father. I achieved a higher level than him. I didn’t just kill people, I saved them. My father was just an assassin. I was more than an assassin; I was a heroic assassin.

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