Loving You In The Rain

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ummmm just read this is my first story so i dont think its that good but plzz comment on this story cuz... i need to work on my writing skill flames are accepted for this story

Submitted: February 20, 2011

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Submitted: February 20, 2011



A/N: well... i think this is an okay story... i really wanted to write a story and have random bored readers to read and review a story of mine... now here i am.... im ok with this story i thought of this when i was listening to multiple songswhich i forget the names of...... Any way onwith this amateur story.....
Italics- Katie's Thoughts/ Action example, SLAP!
Loving You In The Rain
By: xxShinjiAkiSasuRyojiInu4LifeXX
“”? ? ? ? ?’?’?????=(•??)=?/????/’?’? ? ??? ? ?”
" Who is she!?!?" I asked my boyfriend. We've been going out for almost two years (1 year and 11 months and 10 days but whos counting)
"She's an old friend of mi-" I cut him off.
" Well can you explain these god damn texts!" I yelled shoving his phone in his face, I began reading the texts on his phone. " I Luv You Megan, Can't stop thinking about you," i read more stupid "love You" texts that were sent to "Megan" from him.
"Baby, Do you actually think I would cheat on you with her?, you actually think that I would do that to you!? I CAN'T BELIEV YOU WOULD! DO YOU HAVE ANY FAITH IN ME! GOD DAMMIT I LOVE YOU TO MUCH TO DO THAT! I KNOW I WAS A PLAYER BUT NOT ANYMORE!!" He yelled.
"Ya Right!" I replied.
" Mark uses my phone alot-" I cut him off yet again.
"WHATEVER! how could you do this to me!? TO US?! I gave you my heart and you just go AND CHEAT ON ME WITH SOME OTHER GIRL!!" Tears were starting to roll down my cheeks. I headed toward the door, I couldn't be here with the 18 year old boy who I was foolishly in Love with....
"WAIT!!" he grabed my arm"Will you just liste-" he started.
"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" I yelled cutting him off.
"Katie! PLEASE JUST LISTEN! I LOVE YOU NOT-" But before he could finish his sentence....
I ran out the door while he stood there for a few seconds, still dazed that I just slaped him right across the face, my hand leaving a red mark on his (beautiful) face. My heart was breaking even more with every step I took. He ran after me. I went outside and hopped into the cab and I saw him at the entrance of the apartement building... looking me straight in the eye. He's never changed, he was always the cocky, annoying, stupid hott player at my school. I was just blinded by love to see what was actually happening, me being the stupid naive girl that believed in prince charming, fairytales and stupid happily ever afters grew to love and think he wouldn't change....I was wrong ...
The Next Day
Ring, Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring, RING!!!
That was the 100th time the phone has rang today, I knew who was trying to contact me... Michael... I've barely left the house since yesterday the only reason I left was to buy a tub of my favorite ice cream, Mint Chocolate it always cheered me up when im upset, other then him. I still just couldn't believe he would do this to me after a year and a couple of months. Right now my heart was shattered in to billions of little pieces. I cried all night and it was even harder since my bffs were on a cruise they one for their family and them.I moved in with the twins about 6 months ago so I was all alone to be eaten at by despair sorrow and heartbreak.
It's around 9:30 pm right now and is that rocks tapping on my window???
I walked to my window and saw Michael there standing in the cold.
"What do you want?" I asked him.
"You....We need to talk" He said all calm.
"Shouldn't you be with your "Girl Friend" Megan?" I asked CLEARLY pissed off about yesterday.
"Are you serious!? Megan is a friend! Katie Morgan, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!" He shouted.
" I'm not the same naive girl from before I know your stupid littlee tricks to make my heart melt and run into your arms JUST so you could do whatyou did AGAIN!" I yelled. I gave him the finger and slammed the window shut. About a good half an hour later I decided to go to sleep, it was pouring really hard outside. I went to my window to shut the blinds , only to see him outside in the back yard STILL! I opened the window and shouted...
"no I'm not leaving...not until you come down here and talk this shit out" Was this guy crazy he's gonna get really sick!
" You can forget it! Im not going out so GET THE F*** OUT!" I yelled. He didn't budge. "Ughhhhhh still as stubborn as ever'' I thought
I put on my coat and went out the back door. I went straight to him and said
" Okay there here I am, NOW WILL YOU GO HO-" I was cut off when he pulled me in to a hug
" katie please listen to me" I shut my mouth. " Megan is Mark's girlfriend I've been trying to tell you that but you keep cutting me off so...just shut up and listen..., I don't want to fight anymore... I think we should end this for good..."
I couldn't believe what he was saying.... I messed up.... BIG TIME! The guyi loved more then anything is breaking up with me... Tears were falling down my now red cheeks because of the cold weather... the next thing he did surprised me...
" Katie Morgan, I love you with all my heart and more then I've loved anyone before. I promise to love you and make you happy." He got down on one knee
" Will you be the mother of my kids and my wife? Will you marry me??"That took me by surprised.
"YES YOU IDIOT!" I answered while I jumped on him and gave him a hug. He laughed and he put the most beautiful ring I've ever seen on my finger.
A/N: Well just to let you know THE CHARACTERS ARE ALL FICTIONAL!!:P:P personally i dont really like this story i could've done better oh well -.- R&R!!! Thanks for readin!!!
-xxShinjiAkiSasuRyojiInu4Lifexx OUT! PCCEEEE!!!

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