Is Life Fair?...

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I wrote this essay for my english teacher, and for some reason decided to share it (It's been slightly modified though). It's a short essay about my opinion on life, and says snippets of why I believe this...

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



Is life fair?...

A bird chirps calling to its mother, as a rush of wind goes through the trees. A little boy giggling as he plays with his toys, spots his mom and runs to her, with his arms open wide, fully embracing her love. Life is something we experience and see every day. It's something lived, watched, and sought out. Even though it's all around us, is life fair?

Some people know their answer to this, while others haven't even thought about it. For me... well I had never really pondered the thought about life being fair, untill my English teacher asked the class. When I was little and didn't get something I really wanted (bike, candy, new toy, ex.), I, like many other children thought it was unfair. Being older now, my views on what is truely fair has changed. To me now, that includes poverty, famine, and most of all disease after disease, death and so much more. So when my english teacher asked the class if we thought life was fair, I concluded it wasn't.

Now I'm not totally against the idea of karma, but isn't karma balance? All my life growing up, I've experienced some terrible thing every year! Typically, that consits of death or a potentially life threatening disease. The farthest back I can remember something atrocious happening, is second grade. Not fully grasping the concept of death, I stood looking over my one year old cousin lying on the floor, as the medics gave her CPR. Standing there watching, I was hoping she was still alive as I saw her gasp. Unfortunatly, that was just the last of the air in her lungs. Now, I have mostly moved on from that event, but the thought that it could of been prevented makes me sad, and am now somewhat sensitive to talking about drowning.

My life from second grade on, didn't, and hasn't gotten much better. It has, and still consists of terrible diseases, as well as of course, more death. This thought as well as others, is sad and emotionally draining. Some pain hurting worse then others, and some in different ways, my life has never felt balanced. In order for life to be fair, it needs to have some sort of balance. Seeing as how my life is yet to show any sort of balance, and  many others never had, ultimately, life isn't fair, and this I believe.

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