Through Years Gone Bye

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A writing about me and my life, sorta....

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



Through Years Gone Bye

Years go bye,

yet all I can do is sigh.

The faces I miss,

those stories untold.


Truth be told I never get peace.

Peace from the sorrow,

peace from the fear.

Peace from losing almost everything,

I hold so dear.


The years go bye,

as I slowly lose sight of the light.

Will someone ever see the plight?


Encountering emotions,

once unfamilliar.


Stories once told,

now peculiar.

Will the memories,

ever really be remembered?


Long roads traveled,

some no sign of an end.

Through all this pain,

where is the end?


Why me?

Who will I become?

Contemplating questions,

with answers never to be sung.


Every year,

there's a root in the road;

a boulder, a rut,

or a wall to climb over.


Obsticals are many,

not a big gap to recover,

from getting over,

one of the others.


Breathing heavy,

yet dark things

appear to still be coming.


This ragged path,

a glimps at my life.

So many things,

through a short, yet lived life.


Through years gone bye,

I've changed every time.


Endouring things

is suppost to make you stronger.

Well that seems just true for some,

because I,

just hurt inside.

Through these things,

it seems

weaker and weaker

I become.


only coming from some.


Through all the years gone bye,

all I can do is sigh.

I'm striving for the brightest light,

in a dark

slim-lit night.




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