...What Happened At Twilight...

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This poem is specially dedicated to my friends Hellfire Highlord and Kirkyishness....This is poem tells little about the movie twilight...But this is not the whole thing...I hope u will all like it.

Submitted: March 17, 2009

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Submitted: March 17, 2009



Heavenly skies are closing in,
I sat down near the park bin..
I am waiting for twilight,
Waiting for your own sight...

Cold breeze touches my face,
As I set ready for a brace.
Seeing your figure in the shadows,
I sigh as I wait in the hollow...

U sat down & looked at me with queer,
Then suddenly I felt fear..
Gazing at your own eyes,
I felt flying to the skies..

Suddenly, I was pushed through like a flour dough,
I saw a figure fighting u off,
As u breathe a puff,
He kicked and pushed u to the other side...

He then pulled a camera in front of me;
He brought it for the people to see...
I plead and yelled for your name,
As I hid my face in shame..

You fought back with might,
Then u tripped and accidentally bit me..
I screamed and cried in pain.
The enemy was pulled away,
As people dragged him out of the way..

A group of people carefully watched me,
As u sipped the blood with your spree...
I sank back & was brought to the hospital,
And u were staying with the locals...

Then I woke up and saw mom,
Telling me you were here.
I thanked her with a crying morn...As she left,
U said sorry and u will be always be there..
Then u kissed me as I sank back again...

Then one day, at the prom,
I said to u to bite me again.
You merely laughed and said, maybe someday.... maybe someday...

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