Characters for "30 States. 300,000 Miles. 30 DAys Alone in a Trailer...With Him?"

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Character time!

Name: Blake Moore

Age: 17

Grade (as of next year): Senior (skipped a grade)

Nicknames: Blakey, Moore

Traits: Cocky, persuasive, charismatic, over-confident, shallow, tough, protective of the people he loves, smart but doesn’t like to show it, funny, mean at times…is unsure of what he feels toward Marissa

altPlayed by Mitch Hewer (sighs)

Name: Trixie Holloway

Age: 17

Grade (as of next year): Junior

Nicknames: Trix

Traits: Hyper, fun, hilarious, bubbly, easy-going, sweet, sensitive

her Trixie is played by Selena Gomez.

Other characters:

AsherKingston: played by Taylor Lautner.

Lucas: played by Chace Crawford.

Matt Oliver: played one for now. Any suggestions?

Jordan Shore: ditto.

Upcoming characters (in order of appearance):

Travis: played by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Jesse Mitchell:played by Jesse McCartney.

Andrea (Andy) Rossi- I was thinking of Blake Lively, or someone like her.


Long, natural blonde hair, not too platinum

Pretty tall fora 17 year old.

Hazel eyes.

Not too pale-not too tan skin

Not slutty, well, on the outside anyway ;)

Any thoughts?

I'll update again when i introduce new characters!!

Name: Marissa Le Claire

Age: 17

Nicknames: Ris, Rissy, Rissa

Grade (as of next year): JunioraltHehe. Ilike this pic of Emma Roberts. This is what I need your guys help on. I'm stuck between two people to portray Marissa, EmmaRoberts and nameless chick. (down below)

altSorry for the poor quality ):I have this copied and pasted this on M. Word, 'cause Iforgot to save it to My Pics. Then, with my dad's weird technicalmind he saved it...but the quality sucked. Does anyone know the name of this girl?

So who will it be:Emma Roberts or nameless chick?Comemnt with your thoughts pwetty pwease (:

Submitted: April 27, 2010

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WOW...I guess Blake has a reason to be Cocky! I mean LOOK at that!

Uhm...For suggestions on marissa...

It just depends on what you want her description to be!

Blonde: Hayden Paniteir????
Brunnett: Ema Roberts???
Black: Ashlee Simpson on Autobiography cover??

These are just quick little suggestions. If you really need more help just let me know!


Tue, April 27th, 2010 1:23am


Haha :P I pictured her as a brunette, and I found this pic, copied it, lost the name, soI had to do this weird computer thingy that allowed me to save it....butit won't let me download :( I like Emma Roberts though :D I'll try posting the pic again so yuo can tell me whatcha think!

Tue, April 27th, 2010 3:48am

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