Sam's Grave by Lucy

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Nate breaks down at Sam’s grave and wishes that he was with her.

Submitted: May 02, 2010

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Submitted: May 02, 2010



Summary: Nate breaks down at Sam’s grave and wishes that he was with her.

Sam’s Grave

Nate made his way down the long, winding path of the graveyard dressed in a blue t-shirt with long black pants. He wore black and white sneakers and had his brown haired all spiked up. In his hands, he held a bunch of red roses. They had always been Sam’s favourite flower.

He was twenty eight now and it had been one year since Sam’s death. He just wished that he could get his hands on the guy who killed his beloved one. He sighed as he walked up the steep hill of flowers, arriving at Sam’s grave. A single tear streamed down one side of his face as he knelt down and stroked his hand over the golden, polished plaque of the gravestone. It read:

Samantha (Sam) Jane Sanders
A daughter and a good friend
Age 26
Died 14th April 2015

Nate placed the bunch of red roses down by her grave and hung his head. He wished he could have stopped it happening that night. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to stop himself from thinking about it. He couldn’t help it. The sudden memory flashed in his mind.


Sam and Nate exited the little corner shop carrying two shopping bags. It was late at night and they were grabbing food ready for the dinner that they were hosting on Sunday. Jessica and Griffin would be coming round with their two year old daughter Jenna and none of them had seen each other in absolute ages.

“Do you think we have everything?” Sam asked panicking that they’d forgotten something. Nate nodded and rubbed his wife’s back. As they turned left, they came face to face with a group of guys dressed all in black with thick jumpers, hoods up. “Let’s go the other way.” Sam gestured but the men had seen them. They walked towards them both smiling and laughing.

“What do we got here then?” The tallest one asked wrapping an arm round Sam.

“Get away from me.” Sam defended as Nate stepped in front of her.

“You heard her, get lost.”

“You get lost worm.” One of them shoved Nate right over causing him to fall and drop everything. Sam raced to help him but two of the tallest guys held her back. One of them pressed his lips to her cheek and the other stroked her hair. “We’ll go.” He whispered in her ear. “But we have some unfinished business to take care of.” Sam gasped as she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her back. The men let her go and she soon collapsed to the ground groaning and gasping for air.

“SAM!” Nate ran to his wife’s side and tugging his jacket off his shoulders, draped it over her. “Sam, Sam, please talk to me.” Sam managed to mumble something as she held her back. Removing her hand, she noticed red liquid covering her fingers. “Sam, it’s ok, just got shot but I’m going to call an ambulance and you’re going to be fine, alright?”

“N...Nate, please...just...just leave me....ow....leave me here.” Nate shook his head as he held his cell phone to his ear. “Please.”

“I am not leaving you here Sam.” He refused. “I can’t.” He squeezed her hand tightly as he called for an ambulance. “Ok.” He sobbed whilst hanging up. “An...An ambulance is on its way, hang in there sweetie, everything’s going to be ok.”

“It...It hurts.”

“I know, I know but I’m here.”

“Nate, I...I’m sorry.” Nate let his tears escape his eyes as he stroked her hair lovingly. “I...I love you.” Her body went weak as she collapsed in his arms, eyes closing; hand in his. He squeezed her cold hand tighter and buried his face in her mass of blonde curls, breaking down for the first time in his whole life.


“Oh Sam.” He cried as he buried his face in the grass next to the grave. “I miss you so much and I’m so sorry. I should have done something, I should have helped you, why didn’t I?” He organised the roses and picked one of them up, sniffing into it. His moment was interrupted as a little girl’s voice echoed through the air. “Jenna.”

“Uncle Nathan.” Nate lifted his head up and saw three year old Jenna toddling towards him. She fell to the floor next to him and he stroked her hair kissing her cheek. She was the spitting image of her mother and even looked like her aunt a bit too. She had curly, brown hair and brown eyes. At the moment she wore a small pink dress with pink dolly shoes. “Hewo.”

“Hey Jenna, where’s your mommy?” Jenna pointed her finger over to where Jessica was.

“I thought you’d be here.” She answered walking towards them both and scooping her daughter up into her arms. “Hello princess.” Jenna gigged in her mother’s arms. “Are you coming back Nate? It won’t be the same without you there.”

“Damn, I forgot Griffin’s party.” Nate sighed running a hand over the black swirly writing of the gold plaque. “It won’t be the same without Sam there either.” Jessica hung her head and faintly nodded in agreement. “What am I going to do Jess? I need her.”

“I know Nate but you have me, Griffin and Jenna, she needs her uncle.”

“I’m not her real uncle.”

“No but you’re the closest thing to one, aren’t you?” He nodded. “Now that Jay’s off in England.” He chuckled slightly as Jessica rubbed his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get back and have some fun.” He nodded and stood up as Jessica slowly walked off with Jenna in her arms.

“Bye Sam.” He slowly whispered. “I’ll see you up there.” He slowly tagged along and watched as Jessica began to cross the road with Jenna. He looked both ways and sighed as a huge pickup truck began heading his way at full speed. Closing his eyes, he took a big step into the middle of the road, Jessica’s voice echoing throughout the streets as he fell deep, deep into a black darkness.

 Well that was sad to write but I hoped you enjoyed it! I enjoyed writing it! Please comment :)

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