Beauty of Wind..

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Submitted: October 02, 2008

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Submitted: October 02, 2008



Holding, hoping, ever falling
Beauty of wind eerily calling
Soul be swept away in drafty gusts
To elements unknown, my heart I entrust.

In winds current I float in fleeting sweet bliss
Eventually plunged into a haunted abyss.
Surprisingly emerging unbruised, unbroken
Humble gratitude to be alive remains unspoken

On my prison walls, blend of sun and shadows ripple
Seeking desperately to cope while my mind remains crippled
Looking above I see an eagle soar with strength of freedom
My heart longs to beat with his wing's rhythm

So ready to be liberated from this earthen cage
Desperately I climb, strength drawn from my rage
Though higher I climb, yet deeper I fall
Soon pit dug so deep, can't see the sky at all.

Still my stubborn clenched fists rail
White knuckled hands resent my body so frail.
So proud I was in trying to save myself
Never in my past would I ask for help

Knees scraped and bleeding, my hard fall a token 
Strangling pride and will are finally broken
My estrangement from God is what brought me to this place
Held captive in this crevice, seperated from grace

Hands reach for freedom, hopelessly out of touch
Wavering voice calling for help, I need you so much 
I know I am not worthy, but my life will you spare
Will you redeem this wretch my one urgent prayer

Lord, all I want is to get out of this hole
Please with Your love make this broken life whole
I can't move my feet a single step ahead
Without falling face-down again in my dread

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