Forever The End

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this is a song i wrote a while back ago

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



to many days have passed
since i kissed your tender lips

to many weeks have passed
since i held your hand

how long can we last this way

i see the pictures surrond me
i see the memories fading

i see you running away
so far away

baby turn around and see
what has become of me
wake from your dear sleep my love
i told you i would be here
and im staying forever
i am here forever
(end chorus)

baby come with me
i want you to see

the twisted dreams i see
my mind has darkend

how long can we live this way

i remember the firts day
i remember the first kiss

i see you crying
tears running black


now my life
passes me by

our love has become
like suicide

i cant make it anymore

the blood from our wrist
pours out so thick

goodbye my love
turn around my love

the scars
the tears
the love
the hate
ill stand
by you
the blood
the razors
the depresion
the happyness
ill stand
by you forever
forever by you
forever my love

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