The Writer Games

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This is the story of the distric One's Male Tribute as he struggles through a competion called the Writer games.
Ths story is actually on wattpad, andis just a hunger games fan fic(:
Read at your own risk! because if my character get's killed off, I'll stop writing this (:

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



The First Task: A Glass island in the sky

Chase Lialer's Point Of View

I stepped onto the launch pad, my breathing coming out in short breaths. My hands were playing with the black pants I was wearing, similar to the ones I wore at the interviews. The glass slid around the launch pad, concealing me, so I couldn’t escape before it would bring me up to start the most gruesome games in the world:

The Hunger Games.

I waved to Millie her golden shimmery hair falling in her brilliant purple eyes. She smiled gently at me, and I smiled back. She mouthed ‘Good luck’ to me, and I blinked, telling her I understood. I would miss the woman who had supported me throughout the interviews, the training, and now this.

The tube shot up, making me practically tumble over from the extreme speed. I stood up, making sure I wouldn’t be that one tribute that no one remembers at the end, just because I fell off of my platform. Suddenly, I could feel the hot air touching my skin. The sounds of birds chirping away in trees as I emerged, along with the other tributes.

My eyes widened, before us stood a tropical paradise, the trees towered over out heads, making me feel as if I was an ant within a field of grass. I could hear the sounds of the ocean, or something that sounded like waved hitting the shore, not far away, telling me that this forest is on an island.


I spot the cornucopia, sitting on a patch of sand. The glass shone in the sun, reflecting in every direction making it almost have a glow effect. The glass dome hides us from all the treasures hidden inside. My eyes land on my knives, they are next to a green pack and I decide to grab that as well.

The metallic voice that had told us to go onto the launch pad, returned louder then ever, echoing in the arena, making it seem even more eerie.

I jumped a little as a screen, fading into a picture, appeared in front of the cornucopia, revealing the woman from the interviews… Rookie.

She made a speech, telling us about the arena and what not, but I couldn’t be bothered to listen. I knew I was going to be fine, I would find my way to my alliance, and we would pick off the other tributes one by one. I was to focused on scoping out my opponents to pay attention to what the woman with the purple hair was saying.. I could see Aireous, who I had become good friends with during the training before we had come into the arena.

He looked at me and smirked. I turned my head to see Shimmer, standing beautiful as always to my left. Her eyes were focused on the cornucopia, and I knew I should be focused there to. My eyes fluttered back to the cornucopia, and Rookie finally left us in peace… for the next 15 seconds before hell itself would break loose.

I adjusted my pose, so I could take off running when the buzzer told us that the mines around out platforms had been disabled, and we could all run free to the cornucopia, letting the bloodbath, finally, begin.

The metallic voice started counting down from five, and everything started going in slow motion. I blocked out any distractions, and when the buzzer went off, I ran as fast as I could towards the pack and knives I had spotted.

I grabbed my knives and took one out, just in case something happened. I felt someone bump into me and I turned around, smirking. Zoey Ash, her eyes blazed with fear as I brought my knife into her head, the blade glinting in the sun as blood trickled out of the wound. She screamed a blood curling scream before she dropped to the ground. I quickly pulled my knife out of her head, and her cannon went off.

So much for being so strong and fast, I laughed to myself before I felt something fly past my head. I turned around and faced the blue eyes of Emilee sound. Her brown hair in a bun on her head, her blue eyes glazed over with disgust, probably at the way I had just killed Zoey. I threw a knife at her, and it hit her in the neck , making her fall to her knees, and then onto her face.

I ran over to her  body, before anyone else could try and attempt to kill me. I took my knife out of her neck, and her ocean blue eyes went lifeless. Her cannon went off, startling me a bit, before I looked around for my next target.

“I’ll kill you!” I heard a male voice yell. I looked over to see Isaac Jackson, his deep brown eyes had taken over with anger. He had apparently confessed his love for the pathetic girl only a few days before, and now that I killed her, I killed his motivation.

“I highly doubt that,” I spat at him. He ran at me aiming his bow, but as he shot I ducked and he stumbled over my body. I grabbed his head and twisted, killing him immediately. Another cannon went off, and I stole his bow, knowing it might come in handy eventually. I draped it over my shoulder, along with my green pack I managed to grab.

I saw Aireouse trying to fight off Zeldon Way, a pathetic looking boy from district 10. I threw a knife at him, and it hit him in the spine, making him freeze as he dropped to the ground, dead.

“Thanks,” Aireouse breathed to me before He took the knife out of Zeldon’s back and attacked another tribute.

I ran forward, taking down Pac Bane, of District 6, easy enough target, but he got on my nerves as he bragged in training. I jabbed an arrow into his eye, making him roll around on the ground as if he was having a seizure.

I just laughed but soon his cannon went off, and I was tackled by another tribute. I recognized the brown shaggy hair and green eyes of Bryson from district 7. He smirked as I barely moved my head in time to dodge his short spear. It burrowed in the ground and managed to flip us over, so I had the advantage.

I punched his nose, making blood squirt out before I took the very spear he used to try and kill me, to kill him.

I shoved the spear into his temple, making him yell in agony. I twisted, putting him out of his pain, and another cannon went off. I stood up, and punched the air. Five dead, at my blood stained hands. Only 23 more to go before I could get out of this place. Maybe if were lucky, there will be two winners like last year.

“For you, Bryson!” I heard a female voice practically screech in my ear before I left a stinging pain in my arm. I looked down at the gruesome cut in my arm, and met the blue eyes of Serena Castillo, her dirty blonde hair stained by blood in certain parts.

“I knew I would kill you,” I spat at her, remembering in training how she had threatened to end my life right then and there. I took and arrow out of my bag and flung it at her. It hit her in the chest, making her fall to the ground, and making the arrow go straight through her body as she landed on it. She wiggled for a moment before he fell still and another cannon went off.

“Chase!” I heard my name be called. I spun around the now semi-empty cornucopia, meaning the only ones left were the dead. I saw Shimmer waving at me to come over to where she was. I ran over and she led the way through the trees to an open area, where my alliance had gathered.

“Is this it?” I asked Aireous who was approaching me.

“Yes, we think we should build some… forts in the trees because if there are night creatures, we will be safer up there,” he pointed up to a complex of tree branches that were tangled together.

“Alright let’s get starte—“ I heard something behind me and I Threw a knife at it, not caring what, or who, it was. I heard a feminine like grunt of pain before Erin McClash fell face forward into the dirt, blood pooling beneath her

“Serves her right,” Aireous sneered. I just nodded as I heard her cannon go off. I walked forward to grab my knife before her body would be swept away by the strange copters.

“Come on you two!” Shimmer said bounding over to us, her blue eyes glittering with excitement, “Let’s get started! I wanna be able to sleep tonight!”

I laughed along with Aireaos at her statement and walked forward, following her towards the others who were about to go back to the cornocopia to gather food and water.

Let the journey begin.


-- Zoey Ash

-- Emilee Soundd

-- Isaac Jackson

-- Pac Bane

-- Bryson Johnson

-- Serena Castillo

-- Erin McClash

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