I am a Templar...

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I betrayed the creed.I joined the Templars. What will Asher and Lance think of me?

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



I wake up in a new room. It's not like back at home, maybe even nicer... Becuase now im a templar. I have betrayed the creed, but the other Templars are nice to me; they don't care what I used to be. \"Hawk! Hurry up, we're on patrol today!\" I heard Declan shouting to me outside my room. I sighed and climbed out from under my warm duvet. \"Coming!!!\" I yelled and quickly shoved my armour on. I opened my door and stepped out. \"Come on, this way! The others said they saw one of those assassins...\" Declan trailed off and I let out a giggle. \"Declan... I think YOU should hurry up!\" I pushed him playfully. We set off to the place they reported to see the assassin. A guard walked over to me and Declan and spoke in a very formal voice. \"Declan. We need you for something, and Hawk climb those buildings the assassin went that way..\" Pointing me in the direction of the roofs, I swiftly made my wy over. Gabbing the wall firmly i pulled myself up and onto the roof . I walked along the roof tops and continued going for miles, away from where the guard and Declan were. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm; before I could scream they covered my mouth with their hand stopping me. \"I would stay quiet if I were you...\" There voice was familiar. They must have heard me gasping for breath becuase they removed their hand and spoke again \"Promise you won't scream...\" I nodded, unable to talk. I turned around to face who it was. Gasping in delight, before the man could do anything ; I wrapped mu arms around him and squealed quietly. \"Terrowin!!! I didn't realise it was you... Your so tall.\" After what seemed like hours, I finally let go of him. \"Hawk, What the hells the matter with you?! Why in the world did you join the Templars?\" He snarled at me and it shocked me to see him lash out on me like that. Before I could speak he roughly pushed me over and I saw the glint of his hidden blade extend... I squealed frightendly but luckily before the blade hit me enougther hooded figure grabbed me and pulled me out the way. \"Terrowin, don't you dare lay a single finger on her or ill be telling the master...\" I looked up to see Asher looking down at me kindly. \"Hawk, are you alright?\" He glanced at me and then pulled me to my feet. \"Im f-fine\" was all i managed to say. As soon as I said that Asher without warning picked me and put me on his shoulders for a piggy back ride. After all, he was my brother. Terrowin just followed and scowled at me.

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