The New World

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Me, known as Game turn minecraft, off but only on the pause menu... When I wake up im not im my living room. I wake up in minecraft, greeted y a creeper, but a mystery minecrafters is there to help me out ;)

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



Yawning sleeping, I switch my computers screen off leaving minecraft on pause menu. I've heard of people who 'supposedly' become sucked into the game doing this, but I don't believe them. Although all the famous YouTube minecraft stars going missing recently is kinda suspicious but anyway; I leave minecraft on the pause menu. Climbing to my feet wearily I slop down on the couch and fall asleep. I wake up, but I don't understand where the sudden draft comes from... Opening my eyes slightly, I glance around. \"Uhh where the hell am I?\" I think to myself confused and slightly worried. I look at my hands then at the surroundings. \"Oh crap...\" I think out loud looking around again anxiously. \" Oh crap crap crap! It was true!\" I hop up and down becoming even more nervous every second. Suddenly I stop and look around after hearing something. It sounds like footsteps (of course the minecraft kind) But then. Oh my god no... I hear hissing. Creeper hissing. I try to run, my legs are frozen with fear. God creepers are so much scarier than looking at a screen... It gets closer aNd closer, oh crap... Well im probably gonna die... But before it reaches me, im grabbed by my arm and dragged away by someone i can't see. I squeal frightendly as I get dragged into a cave lit by torches. The stranger lets go and mutters \"Well I never... I thought we were the only ones who made the mistake...\" The voice sounds familiar... Like a... Famous minecrafters I watch on YouTube... Well in fact i know all of them as friends... Looking up i see their face... Squealing in delight i jump up and hug them, tears welling in my eyes. It was CaptainSparklez. Before I can even think, I start crying getting his shirt soaked in tears. \"Aww Game... It's ok your safe now.\" Nodding, I let go and stepped backwards. \"But I don't get it... What do you mean by 'we'?\" I tilted my head in confusion. Sparklez smirked. \"I ment the others, Sky... Ant... Toby... You know the gang... Hey guys!!! Guess who I found!\" After a few moments I heard footsteps coming towards the cave.

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