Shinatty - Chan - Who is it?

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Who could Shinatty - Chan be other than the Hello Kitty with a mouth? Well read on to find out.

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



\"Aaah, what is this ugly creature coming through my garden?\" questioned Hong Kong, \"I do believe it is going to kill me!\"
\"Be careful, I do believe its Hello Kitty.\" warned Taiwan, peeping though the window.
\"You must be mistaken, Taiwan, its the legend!\" gasped Hong Kong.
\"Shinatty - Chan, aru!\" screamed China, trying to push his way through Hong Kong's gate.
\"I will protect you China!\" called Hong Kong, \"He will never hurt you.\" \"Ahh, come through Hong Kong's gate aru and then we can visit brother Japan, aru!\" smiled China, guiding Shinatty - Chan through Hong Kong's gate from the other side of the garden.
\"How did you get in here?\" questioned Hong Kong angry.
China looked away from an oversized space - hopper with the face of what could only be Shinatty - Chan printed on the side. \"Come and join me and panda for tea, Japan can come too aru.\"
\"What?\" ordered Hong Kong.
\"Oh fine, aru Hong Kong can come as well aru.\" sighed China now with a frown on his face.
\"I shall have to bring England with me for it would be rude not to ask me leader to accompany me to such a wonderful occasion!\" remind Hong Kong.

China nodded his head understandingly, still guiding Shinatty - Chan through the gates of Hong Kong's house.
\"Does that thing have to come along?\" questioned Hong Kong, hoping yes would not be the answer.
\"Shinatty - Chan is the whole point of the party, aru and I know Taiwan will over at Japan's house and her Hello Kitty will love to meet Shinatty - Chan aru!\"
Hong Kong rolled his eyes and nodded unenthusiasticly.
\"Aaah!\" cried England, appearing from nowhere, \"What is that creature?\" \"Its Shinatty - Chan, aru!\" squealed China. \"I hear there is a bit of a party going on!\" smiled England, stroking an illusion of a bunny in the air.
Hong Kong shook his head and he and England followed China who was holding hands with Shinatty - Chan. Half way through the journey, England stopped suddenly outside Russia's house.
\"Shall we invite Russia?\" he asked, shrugging his shoulders.
\"No!\" screamed Hong Kong, \" He is bound to put vo--\"
\"VODKAAAAAAA!!!\" shouted Russia, jumping from his window and landing face first in a bed of sunflowers. He had to come along now.

When finally at Japan's gate, it was China who first noticed the crate sitting on the front steps of his house. It was marked Tomatoes.
\"Hmm,\" began England, \"I wonder what there will be to eat, maybe I should have cooked something for the journey as I am rather hungry now!\"
\"May I remind you that Japan, like I aru, feels fondly towards his own food aru\" reminded China.
\"And may I say that Ancient Rome told Italy that hell to us is when England cooks dinner.\" pointed out Shinatty - Chan, speaking for the first time in a rather familiar voice.
\"Holy Roman Empire!\" squealed Italy, bursting out from the tomato crate.
\"Italy, how many times have I told you that the war is over now and there is no need to hide in the tomato crate!\" screamed Germany, bursting out from Japan's door.
\"Yes Doitsu!\" whined Italy. \"Aaah!\" cried Germany suddenly, \"The Allied Forces are here, nearly all of them too!\"
\"I thought you said the war was over Doitsu.\" commented Italy.
\"It is but I don't think I will ever be happy surroun--\"
\"What is all the fuss about Ita - Chan?\" called Japan from inside his house.
\"It's China aru!\" called China, \"I have bought special little Shinatty - Chan along aru!\"
\"Aaah!\" screamed Germany once more, \"More Allied forces!\" \"What, aru?\" \"Its America in a Hello Kitty costume!\" yelled Germany, \"It was his plan all along, so he could be loved by you China!\"
\"Aaah, aru!\" screamed China, letting go of America's hand, \"I thought Shinatty - Chan was real\"
\"Don't be sad China,\" comforted Japan, \"Here, have some of Doitsu's beer.\" \"No!!!\" screamed Russia, \"Vodka!\"
\"Beer!\" argued Germany.
\"Beer beer beer!\" \"VODKAAAAA!\"
\"PASTAAAAAAA!\" screamed Italy, ending the argument once and for all.
\"Oh my!\" gasped Taiwan, breaking the silence, \"Shinatty - Chan!\"
\"No aru!\" screamed China, suddenly protective over America, \"He's mine,aru, SHINATTY - CHAN, I love you aru!\"

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