WHY cant you just stop kidding yourselves!!!!

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im venting on what my gf is going through and how im feeling about it.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



i know her. SHe wants everyone to be happy. I had the same things happen with me and i chose, because i felt guilty about leaving, and wanted my dad to be happy. and honestly, i made the wrong choice.Im not trying to be the bad guy that everyones setting me out to be. Im trying to help her. not brainwash her.She wants to stay for school and her friends and everything here. Just wants to see them everyday. She could still over skype and everything would be okay. Shes affraid that if she stays that shell make her dad feel like his not a good guy. because he is.

My mom didnt want me to leave. She tried her damnest to have me. and i refused, because i was guilted into being with my dad. and if a fther loved his child, like my father loves me, hed feel guilt too. Hed try his damnest in every way possible to get his daughter what she wants. We put the offer open, and he just shut it down, not thinking that maybe it would make her happier than just leaving. ALL SHE WANTS IS TO SEE YOU GUYS EVERYDAY BUT GO TO SCHOOL HERE! im in so much anger. because i know what its like, i know how life is. Once you go, you regret leaving everything and you cant go back.

i hate how your scaring her into leaving because shes affraid shell lose you if you dont get what you want.

i hate how shes losing sleep, and crying. because i never want her to cry.

Im trying to calm her down not wreck her, as you may think.im trying to make you understand that it isnt right to chose your daughters fate for her, if she wants something else!!!! I cry, because i dont want her to go through what happened with me and having to live feeling sad, because she didnt want this exactly!

why not give her everything she wants for once?!?! she never gets anything! She wants you to support her, and telling her the thing she wants most, isnt an option, is not support. Its control. Just open your minds for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!!

she tells me shes even scared on talking about it with you, because youll decide for her. and someone so loving and that cares so much about you, shouldnt be put in that position. a father should never do that.... and mine did.

she doesnt know anymore. because all your thinking is whats best for her later. but what is best now??? what does she want??? just please.... give her the one thing she wants..

id be begging on my knees to get her the exact living situation she wants.... shed see you every night, and see me every day and see you every break she could.

id give up my life to get her what compromise she wants... and i really hope you would too.

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