Death Children Tales

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Children of all ages,have brung or seen,death.Or,they have died themselves.These are the tales,of children who have experienced these things...

Submitted: February 22, 2011

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Submitted: February 22, 2011




I rememberbringing death as a small child.My mother,I remember father calling her Rosanne,was killed at the hospital she worked at.I was there with her because that day was "Bring Your Child To Work" day.There was a group of us,children of all ages,there,watching the nurses help the doctors out and patients being treated at the ER.I was only 2,and hadn't spoken once since birth.There was a patient that came in with the docotors on a rolling bed fast.Our tour guide told us to get out of the way.I looked up at the patient and saw him covered in blood.I whispered,"Death."and then there was screaming coming from another room."Call 911!Doctor Jewels has been murdered!"It was onlty then til I realized maybe I was the one that killed her.There was no trace of evidence anywhere,just a knife stabbed in her heart.I remember holding father's hand behind the police tape and looking at her face while they bagged her up and took her to the autopsy room.At her funeral we had to wear all black.I never knew why,but later I wanted to wear it all the time.After it was over,I remember hearing elderly women pittying me,saying,"Poor Angeline,she must be devistated."Only to everyone else's knowedge,that they didn't know that I killed her.


It was a family reunion of April 1987,it waswet outside,the smell of deer waste and wet mud filled the air.I was9 and was playing with Tommy,my younger brother.We were building mud pies like happy little children should.All the grown-ups in our family were drinking things called alcohol and liquor.Mommy said that those things were bad but she and daddy and auntie drunk them.I always thought that she should be the one to get in trouble for doing bad things,not me.That's when it started to rain.My older cousin,Alex,shouted something like,"SHIT AND WAS GONNA GULP DOWN THIS BIG ASS BURGER!FUCK YOU MOTHER NATURE!UGH!"Me and Tommy looked at each other then shrugged.Daddy smacked Alex in the back of his head and said,"Say that shit again and watch me burn you alive."The family reunion was reunion was delayed but then,that's when Auntie Alice screamed.Everyone looked at her,and saw a knife in the backof her,blood rushing out of the front of her.My heart started to beat faster,then someone else screamed.Sooner or later everyone started to scream.Tommy held onto me and cried."EllaI'm scared."I looked at him then took his hand,got up,and ran into the forest.I remember mommy running after us and then blood got on my brand new shirt I got for my birthday last week.I didn't stop to look at her,but only ran,my concerns being withTommy and getting him to safety.I tripped on a twig and fell in some mud.Tommy looked back at me.I yelled at him,"Tommy keep going!Don't look back!"He cried."But Ella,"I got up and took his hand and started to run again.We were in town square and I looked around for the police station.I remember people looking at us and gasping,saying things like,"What on earth..."I ran to a man wearing a black suit and asked him which way the police station was.He said,"Keep going left."I said thank you then with Tommy,ran.I saw it,thankful that the nice man was right.I walked in and everyone stared.Tommy was crying and I bang on the desk impatiently because the man at the desk was on the phone.He looked at me then dropped his donut and the phone."Young lady what happend to you?"I rolled my eyes."My family is dead!You have to help us!"We drove with the police in the police car,and the ambulance truck followed us.I had to tell the policeman where to go.When we got there,the policeman looked around and said,"Holy fuck..."The people in the ambulance truck hurried out and started to see if everyone was alive.I remember telling Tommy that everything was going to be alright and that the police were going to take care of us as he cried.I looked out of the window as I held Tommy.Mommy,Daddy,Auntie Alice,Alex,Jarold,Grandpa and Gradma...they all were dead.Every single one of our family was dead.There was no family member that didn't come.Not a single one.So now,me and Tommy were alone.


I was given a present for my birthday.It was placed in a box that was wrapped in black sparkly wrapping paper.When I opened my present,I looked at it and then looked at mama."Mama what's this?"There was yarn and needles and a marker in it with the doll.She smiled and said,"My lovely child,this is what mama plays with.She is sharing her toys with you."I smiled and gave her a big hug.She taught me how to use it.Mama cut a strand of hair from a stray dog then placed it inside of it.She told me to poke the doll with a needle in any part of it that I wanted to.So,I poked it in the chest and there was a loud bark outside.I looked outside,and saw the same dog that mama cut the hair from,dead.I started to cry."Mama,what happend?'She looked at me and smiled."Nature taking it's course,that's all."As months passed,I began to start using the doll on my own.I collected hair like mama did from anyone that I could and placed it inside of my special doll then poked it with the needle anywhere I wanted to.Sometimes,when me and papa looked at the news,there'd be a whole lotta pictures of people that died.I didn't mind though,because papa told me just like mama did,saying that "it's nature taking it's course.".One day,I wanted to see what would happen if I were to cut a peice of my hair off and place it inside of the doll.So I did then poked it in the chest. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


My target stepped into the line of fire,and I took the shot.A dog barked and screams filled the air,a slight smirk appeared on my face.All my targets were killed,now I have turn in the checklist to master and everything will be alright,and I will collect my reward.Another list finished,another couple thousand karotts I get to earn.I pack up my gear and head to HQ,my german sheophard Rex following.

I've collected my money and now I've got this therapy session to go to.My grandparents put me in it before they died.It talks about,why i have the urge to kill.Well,for startes my mother was killed in front of my face.I remember a bullet being shot in her chest as she was at the paying counter.When I turned around,there stood the spirit of my dead father.I remember my body being in the state of shock and me not being able to move as my father shot her more.I wanted to punch my father in the face but then thought about what I would look like to everyone else punching the air.He left,and then when I was able to move again,I ran to her and cried,sobbing her name.The police tried to take me away from her but I fought them,screaming,Let me go to my mother!Let me go you bastards!More police tried to take me away and they put me inside their car.I got outta the car and ran to her but all of them forced me inside the car.I screamed and banged and threw a violent tantrum in the car.I remember throwing a book at the window,making it crash,and trying to sqirm out of the car.They pulled over and strapped me in the seatbelts -- all of them.I remember feeling a slight sting in my arm then seeing darkness.When I woke up i realized that I was in a strait jacket,then began to try and struggle out of it,screaming to the top of my lungs,MOMMY!MOMMY!I WANT MY MOMMY!I screamed it,over and over and over again,until I couldn't scream anymore.I knew that me screaming "I want my mommy" wouldn't do anything because she is dead,and will not come back to life...I remember giving up...A few years later,I remember hearing her laughing with my father then looking to see where it was coming from,but didn't see anything...I told all this to the psychiatrist and said these exact words to me,Maybe you're dillusional.I looked at at her then told her,No...But you asked what the root of the problem was and I have simply told you.This is the reason I kill.

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