The Girl Under The Umbrella

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She was weak,physically and emotionly.Her best friend had basically ignored her at lunch and she had just gotten a tetinus shot and a cervical cancer vaccination a while ago so both her arms were sore.It was cloudy outside,and cold.She had wanted it to rain earlier but mother nature didn't respond to her calling...Gym would be outside today and this is something she didnt look forward to.When she went,her black umbrella went up over her head and she examined the casual life of her peers.

There were a couple of seventh graders who laughed at her as she walked across the field...How dare they mock my pain...She sighed.She was cold,as she always was,because her heart had a black ice covering around it...and it could never melt.More laughing stung her.She couldnt take it anymore!Maybe everything should be over...maybe she should just kill herslef and then what?Nobody was seriously attached to her so they would only cry because another worthless life has been one except her best friend...

She sighed,frustrated.She wanted to kill herself so bad but she remembered what her bestie said...If you died,then I would climb into your casket and cling to your dead body yelling for you to come back to me...I would yell and scream and nobody would be able to calm me down...I would be overwhelmed and will lose all my sanity.Everytime before she slit her wrist and watch the blood ooze out of the wound,she would think about what her bestie said...Tears fell down her face and she fell to the ground,still clinging to her umbrella.This umbrella could protect her from rain that falls from the sky,but not the rain that fell down her face...

She ignored teachers yelling at her,telling her that it was time to go inside.There were some of her peers,her acquaintences,telling her to come inside as well before she froze to death.She didn't care,forgetting about what her best friend said.But then a boy came up to her and said,"Kilani if you die I'm not coming to your funeral."Funeral..casket...She remembered what her bestie said and got up then went inside...That's the reason she her best friend,the person she cared about the most,wouldnt feel the harmful sting of eternal pain...The same thing she herself has been feeling all these years....

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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My god, now I really will cry. You're writing is so...inspirational, I think. Definately depressing, but is there really a side to everything that ISN'T depressing? Take Hello Kitty for example. She's cute and fluffy, but her incessant innocent-ness can become discomforting.
This story shows you that you have a purpose here on earth, even if it is just to assure your best friend you won't leave, won't take the easy way out.
It gives a wake up call to those people that think it's all fun and games, when, though it is alot ( :P ), it's also not.
And, so, having had poured my heart out in this wide spread comment that everyone will read, I will say that I loved it. Not trying to suck up to you like some on this site will; you are one of the best writers on Booksie.
Thank you for your time in reading this long comment and morphing this little story into something I love.

Sat, March 19th, 2011 5:41pm


awww thank you ^^

Sun, March 20th, 2011 1:57am

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