Flying In the Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

April & Capricorn and friends in the field of dreams ..... I did get this story based off of a movie Across The Universe its a musical with Beatle songs (fav band) enjoy!!!

She opened her eyes to see the cloudless sky above her. Her lips spread into a smile as she yawned and stretched. Someone yanked on one of her braids. She turned to see Capricorn laying next to her. She was laying o his arm with her hand on his chest.

The Night before wasnt like any other. It was as if April was flying in the sky. As if April had dreamt it up. It was so wonderful.

April, Capricorn, Sadie, Lucy, Scropio, and Gemi were stuck in a field. As April and Capricorn called it , the field of dreams. They layed in the huge grass for a couple hours in per silence, listening to just wind, grass, and lake swiftly flowing.

A few hours passed and the wind got stronger, they started to run and hid from each other. April only 17 felt younger just like 19 year old Capricorn felt. They hid from each other and ran, while truing there best to not laugh and giggle. For if they did the would have been caught.

When the wind calmed down and iy got to be dark they went in the lake to relax. Leaving there clothes by a small tree that was the one of its kind for miles. Scorpio, Aprils 19 year old brother, and Lucy, a 15 year old they meet on the way, ran off somewhere deep in the forest. April and Capricorn held each other tightly in each others arms untill the sky was cover 99% in stars.

The kissed each other as ther got out of the water. Smiling as if it was the first day they truly feel in love.

But the again the first day they met April was 16 and her name was Jenny. While Capricorn was Connor and he was 17. They were in love even when April had a boyfriend, who at the time was fighting in the war. But now April was against it all. Not only did her boyfriend die in war but her older brother was forced to go to war. Everyone in the field of dreams was against the war. There was atleast 50 people in the field of dreams. But they had left when the police started searching in the area. April, Capricorn, and there friends hid in the water and grass. The police havent been back since.


April kissed Capricorn gently on the lips. "What was that for?" Capricorn asked. "For making me fall in love with you." And with that ther kissed again and again. Even when the other awoke. Even when Scorpio started threating to the beat the crap out of his best friend, Capricorn, for kissing his sister.

But they laughed and countuined in loving each other. April ran her fingers through his hair. Teasing him she got up and said "Catch me if you can!" 

Within 10 minutes Capricorn caught April and they fell to the ground laughing and giggling. "I love you April." Capricorn whispered in her ear. "And why do you love me?"  she asked. "Because you amazing, spectacular, your my sun and my world revovles around you." "Well therefore I love you more!" She said kissing his nose.

Everyday since those days that scence ran through there heads. Even today this very minute. Even when they are seperated. Even when there kissing. When they told there children and there grandchildren they remebered that day as if it was yesterday. Now there 64 and still in love.

Submitted: February 18, 2011

© Copyright 2021 XxxEmohugsXPxxX. All rights reserved.

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