How True love ends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl and boy fall in love . But then something that happens tears them apart (but not for long)

It was a April mid-afternoon and a big group of kids are hanging out. The play spin the bottle, truth or dare. Maria, (a blonde hair blue eyed girl) it was her turn. She spinned the bottle and it landed on an emo kid. His name was Dean. (black hair and light blue eyes.) everyone dared them to go out with each other for a week. But it got to be more then a week, and they soon feel in love. Sometimes they would go to each others house and just lay in there bed. One day Maria noticed cuts on Dean's arm. "Dean! What the hell?"


"The cuts!"

"Oh there nothing!"

"You have to stop cutting yourself.... its not good!"

"Okay I will."

So a month went by and one day Maria went to Deans house just as he got out of the shower. Dean came out only wearing pants and socks and no shirt. Maria noticed the deep cuts on his arm right away. "Dean! How could you!"


"Your still cutting yourself!"

"Yah so."

"You said you wouldnt anymore!"


"Are you not happy or something?"

"No Im happy. Im with you, and when Im with you I am happy!" he said taking her in his arms.

She pushed away. "No Dean as long as your doing this were over!"

Maria ran home tears in her eyes. "Maria?" Dean whispered still standing in the same place.

That night when Dean went to cut himself he cut to deep. Why? Because Maria had left him and she was hes life.


2 months later



Maria couldnt find Dean anywhere. So she went to his house. All Deans mother did was hand her a letter.


It read:


Dear Maria,

My sweet Maria,

I loved you, but you didnt feel the same way.

You Left me when I was okay.

So  this note is to tell you how much I will be thinking about you when Im dead.

Love you.




That night Maria cried and cried. What had she done? 

Then Maria had an idea.....

That night on the news they saw that a girl named Maria had commited sucide. On her wall was this :

Im sorry Dean I do love you,

I didnt mean it!

I cant live without you EVER!

I do love you I do!

Love Maria

Submitted: February 11, 2011

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