Shadows all around
Your daunting face
Haunting me
Telling me i'm a disgrace...

I try and shake the thoughts,
But No
There still there
They won't go!!

You pull me down,
You still have control...
After all these years,
I just can't loosen your hold...

I'm still afraid of you,
The pain you caused...
The frightning feelings,
Leaving me distraught...

Not a single day goes by,
When i don't think of you...
The way you left me,
Battered and bruised!...

Night after Night,
Without a single break...
It WONT happen anymore
I've had all I can take!!

I know I should have done this sooner...
But only now do I have the strength to,
I want to let you know
All your control just shot through!!

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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