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An essay I had to do for school. Thought it would be an interesting piece to share on here. Enjoy!

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




Erin McKee

10th grade Olympia Neighborhood

May 6, 2013

Student-Led conferencing essay


My success as a high school student is less then hoped, mainly consisting as finishing everything at the last minute. I kind of run my life this way out of school also; my success is unreliable and sporadic. I have my faults as everyone does, but I also have many strong points to buffer my flaws. Like many teenager I want to float around for all of my life and have everything handed to me on a silver platter, but that is illogical. The first two years passed as fast as I dreaded and my future as an adult is hurtling towards me.


I completely doubt I'm ready to begin my final two years of high school, I'm not going to lie. When I learned of this essay I saw it as a waste of time, which is still a dim thought in my mind. Though this thought rests heavy on my shoulders, I still do believe it is worthwhile enough to continue. My principles I live on are similar to the ones I chose to write this essay about. I believe I hold deeply to my creative and adaptability. I also believe I'm quite resilient coming from my bad moments, which there are plenty of those. Also, If you know me at all, you know I rely heavily on self expression to stay sane in the insanity of today's society.


Starting in Michigan


I began this school year at a new school, coming from southwest Florida. Out of the many struggles, this has been one of the toughest. I started the school year in a dark place, which began to get darker and darker as the year carried on. I didn't break out of this place until about the end of December.

In these many months I never really did anything overly productive. I can barely use it as a reflection point either because I've been trying to blot that time from my memory due to all the pain it causes.

On paper, the first trimester was a lot of failing grades and doctors visits. That is all I would like to remember from this time. One thing that I found interesting that one of my teachers pointed out was that he noticed I didn't only disconnect from his class, I kind of disconnected from the world, which I think was true.

What is not a fond memory of the past, I believe we should try and forget. Though it is hard with almost every memory, I strive to make my life better and be a contributing member of society.


Stepping from the Shadows


Second trimester was a constant struggle. Grades were a real issue throughout the trimester. I found myself skipping classes a lot to hide from my problems. Granted this isn't the most logical approach, I still found it the best. This is where I developed some friendships that really helped pull me from my dark place.

Another high point of second trimester was discovering something that I can't live without now: technical theater. Starting out was a really bumpy ride. I didn't really devote myself until near the end of the try. After I really started giving my all to this one class, I realized I found something I'm passionate about that I can pursue a career in.

Near the end of the try, I decided to take a step forward and attempt to strive in my studies. It was a hard decision to make but it really made a difference on how I see the world today.


The Struggle of Education


Third Trimester hasn't been the greatest, but everything is starting to look up. I'm currently crew chief for set in stagecraft; this achievement means the world to me. I currently have been making a honest effort to keeping my grades up. It has been a struggle, but I've been giving it my all.

The highlight of my day is first hour, stagecraft, my paradise. Working on set pieces and having the authority I do just makes me love coming to school. This class just makes every day worth living. If I could say any one person is my hero, it would be Mrs. Bach. She truly has brought light into my life and made me see there is more to life then hiding in the dark by offering the technical theater classes at West. I could never thank this amazing woman enough for how much this chance means to me.

My other classes I like, and I try my best in, but none of them hold that special place in my heart like stagecraft does.




This year has been full of ups and downs and I have learned something about myself. I've learned that I have a sort of strength which causes me to stay with this world long enough to realize this world has more to offer then I know. I'm on the fence about if I'm ready for my next two years of school. Regardless if I am ready or not it is going to happen, so I need to do my best to prepare for the future. Honestly, thoughts of the future terrify and fascinate me. At this point I really have no idea where I am going; All I have is a vague goal to aspire too. What I like to think of is there is a world of opportunity for me, I just have been to blind to see the things that are sitting right in front of me. I hope that the rest of my schooling goes better then this school year has gone.



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