The dancing Cows

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A cow marries and becomes a travel agent cause of drug dealers.

Submitted: December 22, 2015

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Submitted: December 22, 2015



The little cow was sad. She had lost her boyfriend. That was kind of sad. Well but now she got money. Why did she got money now? Well her boyfriend gave it to her as a way of saying goodbye. So she money now. That was good.

She bought fancy clothes and other rubbish. Then she went to a disco. There she danced like there would be no tomorrow. That was kind of nice.

Then she met Mister X. Mister X was a famous dancing cow. She fell in love with him. Then they got kids. These kids were all kind of crazy and heavy drug users.

But they danced nice which was good. So everything was okay now. Well apart from the local drug dealers who wanted their money. But the cows couldn't give it to them.

So they had to work as travel agents to make up for it. Which was kind of nice as our cows could now see the whole world and its wonderful hotels.

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