The dark hustler and his saturanien girl

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chick and dude.

Submitted: August 07, 2015

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Submitted: August 07, 2015



The dark hustler emerged at sunrise. He checked his hood. Then he decided to travel to the moon. What did happen here on the moon? There was a secret moonbase, made by hustlers. What did these hustleres want here? Maybe they wanted to dig for moon gold. The dark hustler didn't think so. He discovered that the other hustlers were collecting sunbeams with the help of Super Nintendos!

So that was quite some action. But our dark hustler wasn't at the end of his journey. Next he would travel to saturn to visit his girlfriend Mandy. Mandy was a pure saturianian chick. She was pretty cute and looked like a supermodel. But she was from saturn, which made her even more interesting for our dark hustler.

Then they decided to marry. They bought a huge luxorious beach hotel and invited all their friends from the moon, saturn and from earth.

It was a big party with lots of champagne and other booze. But then the police came. They said that Mandy had been dealing cocaine on the moon! Now she had to go to jail. How bad.

Our dark hustler visited Mandy in jail. For 5 years she had to stay here. He couldn't believe it. But bad luck strikes sometimes.

Then after five years Mandy was free again. Finally she and the dark hustler could go on their honeymoon. What happened there? Nobody knows.

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