Forbidden love SasuNaru (boyXboy)

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Are Sasuke suffering from best friend syndrome? Or is it more?

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I simply minuplate the characters >:)

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Sasuke Uchiha P.O.V


I knock on the door feeling that annoying feeling I get every time I am here.

“Naruto, goddamn it, get up!” I stand here feeling so confused. What was I even doing here? Shouldn’t this be Sensei Kakashi’s job, fetching this baka? Eventually Naruto opened his door. He looked annoyed, good.

“What’s up Sasuke?” His voice was raspy, as if he’d been sleeping. Pared with his rumpled pj’s and messy hair I’d say he was. Usually, I’d feel happy that I’d woken him up. But for some reason my emotions insisted on feeling sorrow that he couldn’t sleep.

“What’s up? Training started 2 and-a-half hours ago that’s what’s up, even Sensei is there already. Now get dressed and let’s go!” I forced my voice to be annoyed. I couldn’t let him know of the confusion that was inside my mind. Naruto just rolled those blue eyes I seemed to love so much.

“All right then come in and I’ll get dressed. You had better be right about the time too cause I was in the middle of a very good dream” Naruto said as he turned and walked back inside. I stepped into his apartment and looked around curiously. I had never been in here before. Now that I think about it, I don’t think anybody has. Sakura stay’s well away from this place, Sensei’s always late and really couldn’t be bothered and I hadn’t ever thought about coming over here before.

There was a living area just large enough to fit a lounge, coffee table, TV and bookcase (filled with ninja books of course). The kitchen came off the tiny dining area it had just enough room for two to move around. Even then it’d be a tight fit. I walked over to the lounge and sat stretching my legs in front of me, and waited for Naruto to finish getting ready.

“Why don’t you help yourself to anything in the kitchen Sasuke? Just stay away from my ramen and you’ll live.”

I snorted and called out, “You wouldn’t be able to take me baka.” I stood and walked into the kitchen and made some tea.

"You sure about that Sasuke?" his voice was suddenly a lot closer. I turned to see him standing in the entryway to the kitchen. He was also shirtless, I was surprised to see how well muscled his body was. I swallpwed and tried to find my voice, without much success I might add. Naruto frowned at me and gave me a questioning looks. I shrugged and shoved the cup of tea at him roughly. Naruto quickly finished getting ready and we left without another word to each other.

Naruto Uzumaki P.O.V.

Sasuke is acting weird. The thought flashed up inside my mind before I could push it back down. Truth be told, I must be acting weird too, ‘cause he keeps on glancing at me when he thinks I’m not watching. Ha! Wasn’t it a ninja’s job to be aware of everything around them? I should say something but what do you say to the guys you think you like? Gah!! I just did it again. I do not like Sasuke. I am not gay. So why are my hands shaking? Why am I hyper aware of every move he makes, the fall of his hair, the curve of his lips?

I shook my head to get rid of these confusing thoughts and was hit instantly by a wave of dizziness. I swayed dangerously and almost fell over. A strong, warm, comforting hand was suddenly around my wrist where I could feel my pulse beating wildly. A single tug of my arm and I was tumbling into Sasuke’s warm chest instead of the dirty ground. I tilted my face up to thank him but for some reason my words died in my throat. I felt my body start to relax against his before I knew what I was doing.

Suddenly we both broke apart as if we had been electrocuted. I opened my mouth to apologise but Sasuke spoke before I could.

“Let’s just get to training, were already late.” He sounded annoyed. Whether it was at me or him I couldn’t tell. He walked off and left me staring at his back as he fled. I sighed and followed, wondering why I felt a sense of loss. This was going to be a long day.


The training passed uneventfully; apart from Saukra almost slugging Kakashi which is always fun. Sasuke was still acting weird though. I just wish I could get him to tell me what is on his mind. He doesn’t seem to like me much so getting him to say three nice words to me is like getting teeth pulled. I sighed heavily, there’s no way I will ever get Sasuke to date me. Guess I need to set my sights elsewhere.

I didn’t tell anyone this, but I never actually liked Saukra enough to date her. Sure I like her enough to possibly be friends, but I didn’t want to date her. I know Hinata has a crush on me, and I’m flattered by that. But I don’t want her either. Ino would slug me if I even thought her way, not that I ever would anyway. Kiba is kind of cute, though I’m not sure if he swings my way. I had all these people I could like it’s just…. none of them were Sasuke.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t hear that the male that surrounded my thoughts was now walking beside me. I still didn’t notice him until he wrapped his strong fingers around my arm and jerked me to a stop. Only then did I realise I was just about to walk right into a pole. Blushing, I turned to Sasuke and saw with a start that he was smirking at me, which only made me blush harder.

“Sasuke what are you doing here?” I snapped, I was irritated not at him, but at myself; at the fact that thoughts of him seem to infiltrate my every thought. Sasuke’s smirk grew.

“Saving you from walking into poles and in front of cars; Can’t have you dyeing on me now can I?” he leaned in a little closer my breath stoped for a second before coming back a little faster than before. Could he actually be flirting with me? “I haven’t seen you be this clumsy before, what could possibly be that intriguing?”

My breath stopped altogether. He can’t know can he? There’s no way he can know. I stand there, feeling confused and hopeful at the same time. He waved and walked off towards the apartment he lived in. I bolted towards my own apartment. Upon reaching it I threw the door open and slammed it shut; then leaned back against it breathing heavy. What the hell just happened?

Sasuke Uchiha P.O.V

Bang! Bang! Bang! I slammed my head against the wall. Why, why, why would I flirt with him? It was obvious he didn’t like me. But then, a flash of memory; Naruto’s body relaxing against mine; Naruto’s breathing quickening when I leaned closer to him, no! That was all just coincidence. Wasn’t it? Suddenly I wasn’t so sure. I shook my head and went into the kitchen to get myself some food. I opened the cupboard and scanned across the food when my eyes fell upon a pack of ramen noodles. I didn’t like them very much, so I was surprised when my hand reached out to grab the pack. I made them then sat at the table to eat when the doorbell rang. Setting down my utensils I got up and opened the door.

“Hey Sasuke, mind if we came in?” Kakashi didn’t wait for an answer, just walked right into the place and made himself at home. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he had also bought Sakura and Naruto with him. “I decided that we need to connect more as a team, so we are staying at your place. Sakura still lives with her parent, Naruto’s living in a 1 room apartment and I don’t feel like telling you why mines out, so we are staying at yours. And by we I mean Sakura and Naruto. Bye now!” with that he strolled out. I turned to the two baka’s. Saukra looked so excited and Naruto looked as confused as I felt.

Now if he had said Naruto is staying I’d be okay with it, but since Sakura’s here I’m not. I sighed, no choice now. I showed them to their rooms and gave them the tour. Naruto’s eyes looked so excited I couldn’t help but smile just a little. This is going to be an interesting night, I thought dimly to myself as I discretely admired Naruto’s smile. Then Naruto spotted the ramen I left on the table and couldn’t contain himself, he ran to it and began eating it quickly. He’s so goddamn cute.


I was sitting on the back porch watching the stars ahead when I heard a creak of the wooden floorboards. I looked towards the door to see Naruto standing hesitantly by the door. He looked at me and I saw that there were tears in his eyes; every single fibre of my being jumped to attention. Naruto swallowed and tried for a smile.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, I’ll just go. I just wanted to say goodbye.” His voice sounded so incredibly sad and it made sadness creep up inside me. “I don’ think I can stay here when I feel the way I do…” he trailed off his eyes going wide as if he couldn’t believe what he’d just said.

“Don’t go,” I say, “stay. What do you mean ‘feel the way I do’?” I asked. He couldn’t possibly mean what I think he means. He doesn’t like me. Does he? Naruto took a deep breath and looked at me. He came over slowly and sat next to me, his gorgeous sent filling the space between us.

“I don’t want you to hate me Sasuke, but I need to get it out.” Naruto look utterly wreaked. His lower lip was wobbling slightly and the tears were still there.

“okay…”I said. Was this actually happening? I had fanaticised about it so many times. Naruto confessing his love to me, and me to him.

“Every time I fall asleep, your there in my dreams. Every time I wake, you’re the first thought on my mind, but the thoughts don’t ever fade. Your always there, somewhere in my mind. You are the first and only person to ever show concern to me and that gets me. You are probably going to slug me for saying this but; I love you, Sasuke. So deeply in love with you.” He sat there, looking down at his hands as if they would protect him. I didn’t want him looking anywhere but at me.

Naruto Uzumaki P.O.V.

Sasuke reached out and grabbed my chin, lifting it so our faces were level. He looked me deep in the eyes unhidden joy in them. I felt hope start to trickle through me. Then he smiled, and the trickle turned into a crashing river.

“Why didn’t you just say so Naruto? I love you too, baka.” With that he kissed me deeply. His tongue touched mine his hands dropped to wrap around my middle. I wrapped my arms around his neck and eagerly kissed him back. I never wanted to move. Unfortunately though we still needed to breathe. We broke off the kiss, but I noticed Sasuke hugged me tighter. His forehead rested against mine our noses touching lightly. We began laughing and I kissed him over and over again. Sasuke let me do whatever I wanted. I did, however, get the feeling that Sasuke had something else wicked planned for us.

Soon enough I grew cold, so we went inside our fingers intertwined. We just made one mistake. Sakura was still here. She looked up at us when we entered, still kissing slightly, and froze. I looked back at her alarmed, Sasuke’s shoulders tensed. Her eyes dropped to where our hands were still interlocked and she grew sad. Before we could say a thing to her though, she got up grabbed her bag from where it was, still by the door, and bolted home. Sasuke and I looked at each other and shrugged. Sasuke kissed me quickly and grabbed my bag from where it was by the door. Then he turned to me.

“Where do you want to sleep?” he asked me. His eyes told me that he’d be fine if I chose the room he showed me earlier instead of his room. But, honestly, I wanted nothing more than to feel safe and warm in Sasuke’s arms.

“Your room; I want to sleep in your arms.” I say catching his free hand in mine and playing with his fingers. Sasuke kissed my knuckles and showed me to where he slept. I look around curiously. There was a massive bed, a walk in wardrobe, a separate bathroom and a whole bunch of posters. There was a photo of me on his bedside table. I was laughing at something and I was soaking wet. I touched the frame and looked up at Sasuke.

Sasuke seemed to lose all control seeing me sitting on his bed. He stalked over and kissed me roughly. I layed back and he came over me, straddling my hips. Pulling back he looked at me, judging how far I wanted to go. I pulled him back down and we lost all control.

Afterwards, I snuggled into his side, savouring the feeling of his skin against mine. I closed my eyes and felt his arms tighten and pull me all but on top of him. I fell asleep like that. Warm, safe and happy within Sasuke’s embrace.


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