As For Us?

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Nothing that I can do.

Submitted: December 11, 2010

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Submitted: December 11, 2010



I'll sit and wait in the fall leaves,

Maybe kick them up for a little excitement,

Just for you.

I'll jump off of the highest cliff

Just to feel the wind through my hair.

I'll scream at myself,

Just to smile and laugh at how ridiculous I look.

I sing little songs to you,

Only because I want to see you smile, as well.

I'll get so nervous around you,

Just because my heart throbs for you.

I'll clap my hands,

As lound as I can,

Just so people stare at me akwardly.

We laugh together

Because we mean so much to each other.

I'll run the longest distance,

In any weather,

Just to see your face one more time,

Even tell you goodbye.

You bring the best out of me,

Just so you can see me get the butterflies in my stomach.

You tease me about blushing,

So you can view me turning redder.

You ignore me, sometimes,

Only to protect me from yourself.

We love each other,

We just haven't admitted it,

Not in time, atleast.

I know how I feel,

You know how you feel,

I think I know the same as you,

You know the same as me.

I want you to return, eventually,

Don't tell me this is your last day,

Remind me, Lie to me,

Tell me you're returning just for me.

I'll read this poem over,

And cry, just for you.

I can't think of anything except you, lately.

I'll miss you,

So very much,

And I don't care about how many reads this gets,

Or how many comments I won't recieve,


I'll tell absolute strangers about our story,

Just to remind myself of our happy times.

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