Baby Girl (Baby Blue Eyes)

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Its a simple poem abotu me...

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010



She had the prettiest pair of blue eyes

That you could ever see.

She looked around with wandering eyes

And questioned everything she witnessed.

Then, Baby Girl got older

And turned into a scary demon.

Her parents had no intentions of this to happen

To their "little mistake."

She had been living a life

Full of secrets

That only a select few could know.

Baby and her blue eyes

Had witnessed something scarier

Than what she had become.

She noticed an art on her arm

And how beautiful it was.

How the red gushed from the tan.

She couldn't stop.

She was addicted like a drug.

It was just a simple flick of the wrist

And nothing more.

Oh, Baby Blue Eyes,

Where did your innocence disappear to?

Why did it leave your big blue eyes

Full of the joy they onced lived on.

Now, her eyes deprieve happiness

And is replaced with hate

And disgust of herself.

Baby, it's okay.

Will come back?

No, Baby Blue Eyes,

Can never return

To what she was.

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