Blood Thinners & Oxycodone

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You've had the intentions of taking them, dear daughter, have you not?

Submitted: December 03, 2010

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Submitted: December 03, 2010



  A house in the middle of nowhere. Surrounding it, broken trees and sand. Nothing for thousands of miles. Sounds like a place for you? Move into the beautiful Kristen Towers. Once a small home to an insane elderly woman and her son, where the place of a double suicide, also, took place, now a home for whom ever would be intrested.

First come... First serve.


  "I don't like it one bit, father." Mary Louise stuck up her nose to the small home.

  "But, darling, no one will bother us here. Look at the grounds, where you may roam and play!" Her father tried hard for her to like the home. He had already bought it, after all, and hadn't told his youngest yet.

  "So? We had MORE land at home." She was rich and used to the best in life, but her father had lost all of their fortunes to gambling. The mother wasn't proud, but all they could do is resort to this one room, small home in the middle of nowhere so they were away from the city.

  "Mary, just get used to it. We're her for the rest of our humble 'lil lives." The mother rolled her eyes while stepping out of the carriage.

  "WHAT! Father, you said we would return to our home!" She stopepd her foot.

  Her mother grabbed her ear, tightly, and whispered. "Get used it, I said! We can't do anything about it! So get your things, and run on into the home stead like a GOOD little girl!"

  Mary Louise stepped back from her mother in fear, and ran, quickly, for the house.

  "Margret, did you really have to do that?" His british accent, running thick.

  "Yes, I did, William." She spewed, fiercly. "She's a BRAT, and that needs to be cured."

  "Well, then, as you with, dearest. Shall we?" He offered his hand to his wife.

  She accepted with a smile. "Oh, yes!"

  And the two walked into the home..

Two Days Later.

  "EWWW!" Mary screamed. "MOMMY! DADDY!"

  "Oh, no! William! It's in the pan!" Margret sighed.


  A large cockroach was cuddled deep inside their dinner pan. It twitched it's feelers and scurried around as the family's voices sounded. It was innocent, only scared. He had lived in the walls for up to 18 years, not being bothered at all. He didn't quite like the new family, they were different from the old lady and 30 year old son. He quivered as a small draft blew in the home.

  "SQUISH IT, DADDY!" Mary said, bitterly.

  "Pumpkin, I'm not going to do that, it didn't do-"


  "Mary Louise, listen-"

  "You're terrible! I'm 6, and I have more guts to squish it! As a matter of fact, I WILL!" She grabbed a hammer and brought it down on the poor cockroach.

  "MARY LOUISE!" Margret screamed, her face red with anger. "For one, THAT WAS IN MY PAN! For two, LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER! And for THREE, THAT WAS AN INNOCENT BUG, IT DIDN'T EVEN HARM YOU, OH, BUT I WILL, MARY!" Her hand went up, and across the face of the young child. "You're SO impatient!"

  The little girl stood, holding her face. "I HATE YOU!" And she ran outside.


  "Margret, where are your patience?" William snapped.

  "Don't get me started! That girl is just so-"

  "It's done, doll." He rolled his eyes and sat down with his wife.

  Outside, Mary Louise ran far out until she could see the house no more. She screamed, laughed, and fell down. Tears ran down, quickly. "What in bloody hell tripped me?" She looked around. A small finger puppet laid on the gorund. It had a stitched up mouth, cold, button eyes, sewn on hair made of string, and a small piece of cloth plastered as the clothes. Mary grinned and slid it on her finger. "Your name is Mr. Perrywinkle. You're my new friend."

  "You may wish for 5 things, friend." The puppet whispered.

  "Hmmm. Maybe later, Mr. Perrywinkle. For now, let's play!"

  "Let's, friend." It whispered.

Late Night

  Mary skipped in the home, washed up, and laid herself down with Mr. Perrywinkle. She had forgotten about her mother all together. "Good, sir. Sweet dreams!" She whispered, kissing it's head. She licked her lips, strangly. "Mr. Perriwinkle! You taste like sprinkles! The sweetest, rainbow sprinkles!"

  "Mary! Shush your mouth or I'll SEW it shut!" The mother scowled from her bed next to Mary's.

  She whispered to Mr. Perriwinkle. "I wish my mother had a festering tumor in her stomach, so she wouldn't be able to move for awhile, maybe, not even SPEAK."

  "And it is done, dearest friend." Mr. Perriwinkle whispered back.

Early Morning

  "MARGRET! OH, LORD!" William screamed as the sun was first rising.

  Mary Louise jolted awake. She slid her friend onto her finger and looked to her mother's bed. Her mouth hung open. And if she was able, Margret would've said, 'Keep your mouth shut! Are you trying to catch flies?' But she couldn't.

  Mommy, you see, had a large, pussing, festering, bleed tumor on the side of her gut. Margret murmured words, no, sounds, no, gurgles, but no one could make it our. She lie there, crying.

  "Oh, Margret! My dear, precious, wife! What has happened?" William cupped her face in his hands. She gacked up some wretched vomet, mixture.

  "Mr. Periwinkle, what happened?!" Mary whispered to her finger.

  "4 wishes left, my dear." He replied.

  "Mary, get your mommy some water, or something!" William sobbed, making it hard for him to breathe.

  She did as she was told and returned with a pale of cool water and a ladel. "Will she be okay?"

  William started to choke. He gripped onto the pillow infront of him.

  Mary gasped and threw the bucket of water in his face. She smacked him on the back and did everything she could, but her own father had died infront of her eyes, and her mother, too. She stood still, staring at her father. She moved him next to her mother and said, "There, now he can stay here with us. He's only sleeping." And she pulled down his eye lids.


  Little Mary Louise had ran outside with  her mother's consent. She sat down in the sand and talked to Mr. Perriwinkle. "What happened, sir?"

  "Would you like to meet my friend?" He whispered.

  "That's a little queer, but, okay." She smiled. She loved making friends.

  "Wish for it, love."

  "I wish to meet Mr. Perriwinkle's friend!" She clapped her hands and got excited.

  Another finger puppet appeared. This one was made out of a brown silk. It was a girl, or so it seemed. She had a red piece of cloth for a dress, with a stitched on smile, and yarn hair.

  "Hello, Mrs. Tea Cuppie! You seem nice!" She slid her onto her ring finger, right next to Mr. Perriwinkle.

  "Why, HELLO, my darling! You look so NICE, today!" The puppet spoke, without moving her lips.

  "3 more wishes, Louise!" Perriwinkle's stitched face turned into a grin. "Thank you for that last wish."

  "Of course, sir! But, why?"

  "Because you brought my wife back to me." Perriwinkle whispered, gratefully.

  "Oh, husband, don't get tearful, now." Mrs. Tea Cuppie murmured.

  "How LOVELY!" Mary blushed. She loved seeing happy couples, even if it was in her "imagination."

  "One more favor, beauty." Tea Cuppie asked, sweetly.


  "Burn down the house." Perriwinkle gurgled.

Late Evening

  "Good night, mommy." She kissed Margret's cheek and crawled into her bed. "Good night, daddy." She laid Mrs. and Mr. Perriwinkle Tea Cuppie together, next to her. "Good night you, too." She stared for a moment. "I never got to see what you taste like, Mrs. Tea." Mary licked her, quickly. She scrunched her face. "Oh, Mrs. Tea Cuppie! You taste so bitter!"

  "How RUDE!" Tea Cuppie shouted.

  "No, no! I'm sorry, don't make a fuss. Perriwinkle just tastes so sweet!"

  "Well, I NEVER!" Tea Cuppie's smile formed into a frown, looking meaner and scarier.

  "Ooh, please forgive me!"



  The little 6 year old woke up in the middle of the night. Her bed was rocking and she threw down the covers. Mr. Perriwinkle was on top of Mrs. Tea Cuppie. Their cloth gowns, thrown to the side.

  "MY WORD!" Mary jumped up and stared.

  "Oh, no! Sir, we've awaken her! How embarressing." Mrs. Tea had her grin back on.

  "Let's continue, she won't mind, will you sweet girl?"

  "This is wrong, but... I won't stop you." Mary turned over and paid them no mind. She let the bed shake and quiver, she tried to block out the puppet moans, but it was hard. This was an odd manor that Mary had never witnessed before.

  "Burn it down." Mr. Perriwinkle whispered in her ear. "It's ONE simple wish."

  "Oh, you're finished?" Mary rolled her eyes. "I will NOT! I have no where to go."

  "You may come live with us!" Mrs. Tea Cuppie smiled in the dimly lit room.

  "You have a home?" She questioned.

  "It's beautiful, Mary! Made out of sweets and owns a chocolate fountain of sorts!"

  "Burn it down. Your mother had her friendly tumor, she needs no one else. Your father... Well, he's rather cold." Mr. P whispered.

  "I wish... that the house burn down... Right now." Her eyes went dull, all of the blue was sucked out.

  "Wish granted. Ready, mother?" Mr. Perriwinkle stated.

  "Ready, son." Mrs. Tea Cuppie said.

 "Son, mother?" Her gown lit up. Mary screamed and started to cry. Within a couple minutes, the whole home was on fire. The finger puppets lay on the burning floor, nothing burning them alive.

  "Oh, my son, oh my Johnathan! Our souls are almost free." A single tear crashed down.

  "Mother, but our home, what of it?"

  "It'll burn, son, that's all it will do."

  "But it was ours. This is where we got married, mom, this is where we birthed our unborn child."

  "All of it will be over soon, Johnathan. Calm down."

  "I love you, mother."

  "And as do I, son."


The old Kristen towers burnt down, today. There were no bodies found, only two finger puppets which were buried because they were pretty creepy. The nightmare is over, I suppose, but only for now.

The old home of Johnathan and Kristen Jackthon are now just ashes. I think, what would they be saying right now? Futher invetisgations are in order, to what caused the fire, but nothing is turning up.

Some are saying this is the work of a demon or something more powerful, but who are we to tell? An old priest told us it was the work of the puppets, but those are just childs play things.

For now, we close the chapter on the home and move on with our lives.

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