Candy Coated People

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You'll get a taste.

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



Hard core rocker queens,

Die the death of ancient seams,

Too sweet to see,

The darling queen bee.

Evil boys,

Built like toys,

Emotions, none,

For the boy of fun.

Sweet ass preps,

Smiles and perks out their chest.

They're sick with themselves,

But the have no one else.

Goth girls paint themselves black,

People say their freaks,

But they don't know the facts,

Of the beauty of black.

Candy handed out

To boys and girls,

Rip out your hair,

Tear off your eyelids,

Keep the peace,

And tell a secret

To your best friend,

The girl with a dick in her mouth,

The one you had last week,

The one that made you sick...

Sexual diseases...

Yuck, gross....

I'm just dieased.

We're all rotten on the inside,

Keeping the secrets under our peeling fingernails,

We are all candy,

Sweet, but it only lasts for awhile.

With our candy coated skin.

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