Cannibals, We Are.

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Cannibals, We Are..

Submitted: July 16, 2010

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Submitted: July 16, 2010



We take you by the hand

And tell you that it'll be okay,

It's just a fun game we play.

You start to worry,

For dark has set

And your mother wanted you home hours ago,

But it's okay.

She'll know what happened.


No, I didn't say anything.

We informed her that we were playing together.

Just us three.

We lead you deeper and deeper into the forest.

You see the blood spots on the ground and ask why.

"Oh, no reason."

Mytwin says to you,

"The animals are mighty fierce out here."

He smiles a crooked smile and we stop.

"Put this on, quickly, now."

I wrap a piece of cloth around your eyes

So you can't see the gruesome natures

That lie ahead.

Mybrother and I cackle

As you are now helpless.

I lick my lips

As he hits you over the head.

"It's only temporary, so let us hurry back.."

~ ~~

"Oh, you're awake!"

I chime.

"That's naughty of you. You're not supposed to be awake yet."

You start to worry and struggle to get up.

"You're funny!"

He chuckles at you.

You look at your hands and feet,

They're tied up with a white fabric

Soaked in blood.

"You look good."

I say.

You scream help.

"No one can hear you, silly!"

I laugh at you.

Mytwin takes a bite out of your arm.

You feel your flesh rip off the bone.

You scream in agony.

Then, you go to sleep....


~ ~ ~

"Oh, hello, new friend."

I say to the new neighborhood face.

You're a nice boy...

You're a delicious boy.

"Would like to come play a game with us later tonight?"

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