Dear Greeter

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This isn't really a short story, but a letter to a boy. Something I need to do.

Submitted: May 20, 2011

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



Dear you,

Hey. Glad to see you're well. How's the job? School? That's good. Me? Well, you probablly don't care. You have a life, something that doesn't involve me. Something that you could drop me out of so simply. I had a passion for you. I HAVE a passion for you. No matter how strong I pretend to feel, I do. My heart still has your name carved into, though, we've never spoken.

I want you to notice I can be that girl. We're just like each other, if you take time. Just, please, sit down, listen to me, listen to our shared stories, the same likes. I bet you'll feel a little more respect for me. Maybe, if I'm oh-so lucky, you'll feel the same thing I do. Oh, it's what I pray for. Every shooting star, every 11:11, I wish for you, I wish for your voice, I wish for your love.

Age difference? I don't see that deal. These feelings conquer that terrible barrier. I know I may seem young for you, but, darling, I can show you that that won't matter. Happy, together, we could do it. I want your every word, your every promise, your every, 'I love you.' Let's just hope you want the same from me.

Can I get the truth? I don't care if it hurts me. It'll feel good to hear your voice for the first time ever. It'll be great to stare into your eyes as they stab deeper into my soul. Let me down, just don't crush me. Say it nice, say it so my young heart isn't turned into dust, say it so I can get everything I've wished for.

You can call me creepy for knowing your name, for writing a letter to you, for trying to impress you...I know, I don't know you. I want to, though. Oh, more than anything! I want to sit there on late nights and play video games, read comics, joke around with you, let you be mine....even if it's just for one night.

Here, I've confessed to much and released so little...

Dear Wal-Mart Greeter,

Dear Comic Book Soul Mate,

Dear Superman,

Dear Nerd Crush,

You mean so much to me, yet we know so little. I love you. That's all. Call me silly for already loving a person I barely know, but I know how I feel, and I feel it towards you.



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