Hello, Fellow Stranger

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How Jack and Jill met Jessica.
Jill- Pink
Jack- Black
(I only put a picture of jessica on this poem because I thought i kinda fit with it all, and, i mean, she's IN this poem, so, you know!) Enjoy!

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



We entered town,

The regular hustle and bustle went on...

Which didn't surprise me.

My brother held my hand, tight, as we crossed the busy street.

He had said that he heard of a suburb near by.

I didn't think there was any hope,

Plus, how were we supposed to get human flesh...

If it's in the town...

When everone's around?

We roamed around, Jill and I,

Looking for this suburb

That didn't seem to exsist.


What's that?

I think that's it, Jack.

That's the suburb.

I ran, and dragged Jill along side me.

Her feet were moving just as fast as mine,

When we ran into a girl

Covered in red.

She must've been around the age 16....

Only a year older than us.

The two stared at me with big eyes.

Did they know what I did?

Is it written on my face?

Can you tell I just killed someone?

I put out my hand,

In a friendly hello.

I'm going to kill them, too.

I shook her hand.

I had red on my palm.

I rubbed it on my dress and stared at her.

"Stop staring, Jill, it's very rude."

I snapped,

"Jill? What's your name, Jack?"

I nodded.

This girl was beautiful.

She had short, pink hair,

A gray dress,

And a knife in her hand.

Wait, she has a-

Knife in her hand?

It's covered in blood.

So, she's covered in-


I said,

"I was just at a tasting party."

How stupid did she think we were?

"What's your name?"

I asked, polietly.

My heart was pounding like a drum.

I had never met anyone so beautiful.

Was this what they called love?

She was pretty...

Tasty looking.

I smiled to myself.

I bet it didn't look nice.

"My name's Jess."

Why is that boy still staring at me?

It's not jam!

It's blood!

Want some?

I was filled with a regretful conscience.

"Want to be friends?"

I imagined eating her flesh,

Ripping it off the bone

And using her hair to make blankets,

And give them to the small children

So they get lice.

I lick my lips.


I've heard of those.

Tight-knit people

With a connection.

I turned to Jill

Who was thinking of...


We are cannibals.

"Of course, we'd love to be friends."

"EXCELLENT! Let's walk together!"


I swear, when I get this girl alone,

I'm going to

Stab her one hundred times and bathe in her blood.

With her brother...

I will make him mine,

I mean,

She's really cute.

I'm just afraid Jill won't want to be


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