It's Never Enough (For You)

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Yet again, he was th eone who sent me into this downard spiral.

Submitted: August 26, 2010

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Submitted: August 26, 2010



You'd think I would learn my lesson.

You'd think I wouldn't be so stupid.

But here I am again,

Blaming myself

For your harsh words.

I don't see how I can let myself keep coming back to see you.

You tell me you never called me that,

So many years ago.

I know you did,

But I don't care.

Sometimes, ignorance is truly bliss...

Though it's in a bitter disguise.

Here you go,

Spatting out my secrets,

Calling me this and that.

Does it hurt me?


Only because I thought you would be there for me,

As I am for you.

You tell her that you hate it when I take my razor

And make pretty history on my arm.

Then why do you keep leading me to it?

I don't understand you anymore.

You believe everything you hear,

And never ask for another story.

I'd say I don't want to see you anymore,

but in all actuality,

I really don't want to be ignored by you.

Because you hold every secret I trusted you with.

And if I grit my teeth enough,

Bite my lip until it bleeds,

Flash you fake smiles every here and there,

Then, maybe, I'll be able to stay your friend.

For now, it's hard,

But it might be easier over time.

I wish you wouldn't lie to me anymore.

I wish you could just come clean.

But we don't always get what we ask for.

I can't wait until the same thing happens to you.

I'll have my figners crossed.

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