Jack Lied

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
The adventure continues with Jess, Jill, and Jack.

Submitted: August 08, 2010

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Submitted: August 08, 2010



"Eveything will be okay."

He said to me.

He squeezed my hand tightly and I squeezed back.

We were both so nervous.

Jack started to walk forward...

Towards the fenced in village.

"We have to get mom's key."

He told me.

I look at him as we stand, motionless, outside of the place where we don't belong.

"Why do we need mom's key, Jack?"

I felt like a little girl...


I scream in my head.



He closed his eyes, forcing back tears.

"Because we do."

He whispered.

We climbed the fence.

Jack caught me in his arms.

The village still looked the same.

He let go of my hand and started walking.

Just like instinct, I followed.

Jack said,

"No, Jill! Stay by the fence."

He smiled.

"It'll be okay."

I watched him walk off without me.

I wanted to go with him

So I would know he would be okay.

I fell backwards onto the  spiked fence.

A small pinch forms in my back,

But I don't mind it.

All of a sudden, commotion struck.

Guards and soilders went running from the town.

I hid behind the nearest building and waited.

I peeked out and the soilders were returning already with a boy in their grip.

I felt tears running out of my eyes.

My body knew it before my brain could register it...

It was Jack.

I started to run out, but stopped myself.

He knew what was going to happen,

That's why he ordered me to stay by the fence.

I gasped, cried, and climbed up the fence.

Jack lied to me.

He said it was going to be okay...

It wasn't.

I sat outside of the fence, watching them haul Jack away.

I intertwined my fingers with the fence.

The tears were crashing down.

I saw him being thrown to the guillotine.

My face turned to Jess.

She was tugging at my shoulder,

Forcing me to leave.

I didn't want to leave.

I wanted to get my brother.

I looked at Jess as said.

"Jack lied."


I, quickly, turned to the fence

And saw them holding Jack's head in their hands...

Like a trophy.

Jess pulled me away and grabbed my hand.

We ran as fast as we could

So they wouldn't get us next.

"It's what Jack would've wanted."

Jess yelled as we ran.

"Jack lied."

I whispered.

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