Leaving Me Behind

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A poem I wrote for my cousin

Submitted: April 04, 2010

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Submitted: April 04, 2010



We used to be so close

He was like a little brother,

A best friend

Now we throw insults at each other,

When, formerly, we used to play and laugh and sing

We used to be excited for every holiday

When we would get to see each other again

"You're my favorite cousin." He said

I know it has to do with growing up,

But if I could have one of those days back,

Where we could just laugh together, again

But will we ever?

If I could reach back and tell myself

How it is now

I'm sure I would've never let him go,

I would've kept running further and further into the forest

I used to call him little brother

I know he might never want to remember

But I always will,

No matter how much pain it brings me,

And I'll remember for you,

My little brother,

My best friend,

My favorite cousin

What happened?

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