Let Me Introduce Myself... (Jack)

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Welcome to one of the twin's Bio poetry.

Submitted: July 17, 2010

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Submitted: July 17, 2010



Jack and Jill went up a hill

To satisfy our craving

For human flesh.

Yes, my twin and I are cannibals.

You judge us...

Would you like us to eat you, too?

Jill and I raise ourselves

Because Mommy and Daddy left us behind.

We had no way to eat,

And not a single dime to our name.

Jill and I would go out, late at night

And hunt down the only edible thing in the village..


See, animals never vistied

Because of the large fence around our little town.

The others ate prossesed goods

Which were no good for us.

We thought they tasted bad

And a bit rotten.

I had brought my knife with me, the first night we hunted.

Jill was afraid we were going to get caught..

But I told her this:

Sister of mine, if we get caught,

I'll take the fall for you.

You're SO good at running...

Just run as fast as you can back to the cottage.

And, with that, us little 8 year olds hunted for fine people meat.

The blood was rich, at first...

But you grow to it.

The skin was dry..

But with a delicious taste.

Then, years past,

And people were suspcious,

But Jill and I were very good actors

They tried to throw the 12 year olds in jail...

Seperate cells

So we were appart from each other.

I wouldn't let that happen.

Jill and I escaped.

We climbed over the large fence and ran into the city...

Your city.

Where we live in your streets...

And we, now, eat YOUR people.

So, Jack and Jill

Climbed the fance

To run away from the police men.

They were never apart..

And they never will be.

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